12 Smith Street

12 Smith Street is a suburban house located in Pinedale, a section of Union City, in The Last Stand: Union City. It is the home of Ray Stevens, a stubborn old man who has a grudge on Ed for not returning his pair of Bolt Cutters.

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  • An interesting thing to note about Ray are the stairs up to the second floor. Like Darnel, Ray doesn't have the entrance barricaded. While it is possible for Darnel to survive on his own, due to the availability of melee weapons and his combat experience, Ray's means of survival are somewhat debatable. It can be assumed either that the zombies have yet to discover that there is a survivor on the second floor, or that Ray has his own method of defending himself against the zombies. He also may have survived due to an unseen firearm as he says, "Where'd I put my gun?" when he sees the player after they have accepted Ed's quest.
    • Possibly, Ray's gun is in the basement, in the suitcase next to the washing machine. It is an Extended Magazine PPM 9, which the players can take and use.
  • Zombies will not spawn in the second floor bedroom, but they do enter if a horde attack is going on.

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