4th Birthday Zombie Cake Hat
4th Birthday Zombie Cake Hat

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Cosmetic only



The 4th Birthday Zombie Cake Hat is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It was available on the fourth anniversary of the game.


It's really a cake, not a hat. The zombie part is cake though.


Surviving one year in the Dead Zone is one thing, but surviving for four years in a row is something to be proud of. Successful compound leaders and their fellow companions deserve something unique as a reward for all their hard work and tenacity. A vanilla layered cake with pink frosting along with a creative, almost-real zombie statue makes it to the doors of the fortunate, and amidst the hype of the celebration, some crazed survivor decides to fashion a sugary hat out of party food.

Only true veterans of the Dead Zone can obtain one of these. Oh, and there's real cake, so bon appétit!


It is purely cosmetic and does not provide any change in stats.

How to obtainEdit

It can be obtained by purchasing any of the 4th Anniversary Birthday Bundles.

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