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Abandoned Whiteout Cache

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Abandoned Whiteout Cache is a Z-Mas-exclusive junk item in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced during the Operation Whiteout update in 2017. They serve a similar role to the Z-Mas Gift and Z-Mas 2015 Gift junk items from previous years.


Recycle this to gain access to the cache items.


The recent weather and HERC's apparent failure to solidify their supply lines and position left both operatives and valuable equipment stranded in several areas in the city, even in unthinkable locations. Their contents range from the basic supplies needed to survive to special items needed for seasonal craftables.

Recycling products[]

Mk. 1[]

Mk. 2[]

Mk. 3[]

Mk. 4[]

How to obtain[]