Accuracy/Hit Chance[n 1] is a weapon statistic in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union City[edit | edit source]

Accuracy determines the size of the crosshair, which in turn determines the randomness of each shot. When the player fires a weapon, the bullet may travel towards any spot within the crosshair; thus, the smaller the crosshair, the more accurate the weapon, and the higher the accuracy rating. A weapon with low accuracy will naturally have a larger crosshair, which means the bullet may not travel towards the spot the player intended for it to go in.

Melee weapons do not have this statistic and are thus always accurate, with the exception of the Chainsaw.

The Custom Stock, Scoped, and Spec Ops attachments will boost a weapon's accuracy, while the Damaged condition greatly reduces it. Upgrading the Precision character statistic will improve accuracy with all weapons, and upgrading Automatics, Pistols, Long Guns, and Special Weapons will improve accuracy with weapons in these categories.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone[edit | edit source]

Hit chance determines the probability of a fired shot hitting its intended target. For example, a weapon with a 70% hit chance will have a 70% chance of hitting its target when fired. Unlike The Last Stand: Union City, melee weapons can have a low hit chance rating.

Many attachments and conditions will influence a weapon's hit chance rating. Weapon Cleaning Tools will increase a firearm's accuracy rating, with some variants of glasses and gloves providing some adjustments as well.

The maximum hit chance rating is 99%; it is impossible for a weapon to have perfect accuracy.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. It is known as "Accuracy" in TLS:UC, and "Hit Chance" in TLS:DZ.
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