Air freshener
Air Freshener

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Research Component

Air Freshener is a research component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


So fresh.


Some people simply cannot be bothered to clean up around the house, yet still desire the tranquil, quaint smell of a well-kept dwelling. Said people tend to use air fresheners, a fragrance-emitting product that mask or eliminate odors. They are usually sprayed into the air or on pungent objects, although some brands come in the form of candles and gels. Air fresheners have been known to contain carcinogenic chemicals and may trigger an allergic or asthmatic reaction in some people; they also undermine the importance of actually cleaning up, as a simple scented spray doesn't change the fact that there are unwashed socks in the corner.

Sold in supermarkets and found in most broom closets. Comes in a wide variety of scents.

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