Ammo cache 750 round

An ammo cache with 750 rounds of ammo.

The Ammo Cache is a supply box featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A certain group in the Dead Zone has been offering survivors rewards for killing certain types of infected in specific regions. In return for their efforts (and partly to cover their costs), special cases of ammunition have been distributed in the bounty boxes given out as rewards.


The Ammo Cache is a supply box than can be opened for a predetermined amount of Ammo, the amount of which can be seen in the box's description. Unlike other supply boxes, they do not require keys to open and do not have a randomized drop. They can be kept in the inventory indefinitely until opened, making them a useful way of storing ammunition, as they cannot be stolen during raids and do not take up ammunition storage space until opened.


  • Ammo x 250
  • Ammo x 500
  • Ammo x 750


  • It is the only supply box in the game that is not labeled as Premium.


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