For the gear item in TLS:DZ, see Ammunition Mod.

Ammunition, or Ammo, is an item featured in all installments of The Last Stand series.


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The Last StandEdit

Jack has access to an unlimited supply of ammunition for every weapon he obtains, though he must still reload after emptying a magazine. Fellow survivors also follow the same behaviour.

The Last Stand 2Edit

Just like the previous game, Jack and his fellow survivors have unlimited amounts of ammunition for any weapon they possess despite being constantly on the move. They also still have to reload after emptying a magazine. Traps, however, are limited and can only be restocked through searching buildings.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

Unlike in the previous games, ammunition is finite here, forcing the player to search for more, utilize melee weapons, and to be more careful with their shooting. However, unlike the player, companions do not run out of ammunition, but must still reload after emptying a magazine. Ammo is weightless, along with cash and quest items.

List of Ammo TypesEdit

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

Ammo Ammunition is a consumable resource here and is required to bring firearms on missions or raids, as well as rearm the Wheel of Misfortune. Its associated storage building is Ammo Storage, and each compound is capable of storing a maximum of 900 ammo, barring research upgrades.

Each firearm has an "Ammo Cost" (determined by its attacks per second, magazine size and the type of ammo the weapon uses), which is the amount of the Ammunition resource required to bring it on a mission or raid. However, defending the compound from zombie hordes or raiders does not consume ammunition. Once firearms are brought on a mission or raid, they have an infinite supply of ammunition but still need to be reloaded once the magazine is emptied, much like in TLS and TLS2.

Ammunition can be found throughout the Dead Zone, though the amount scavenged depends on the location being searched, with locations that typically have weapons being the highest. Military bases and security locations typically drop the most ammo, with the next best being gun stores and police stations. Fixed quantities of ammo can be obtained from Ammo Caches. The Ammo Drop Offs also produce a small amount of Ammunition every hour.

It is also possible to trade fuel for ammunition at The Store or to craft it at the Weapons Bench utilizing metal and certain components (gun powder, primers, shell casings).


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