Anti-inflammatory Tablets
Anti-inflammatory Tablets

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Medical item



The Anti-inflammatory Tablets is a medical item featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Tablets that stop inflmmation [sic] and help treat injuries.


Inflammation is the immune system's initial response to harm within the body. Inflammation is caused by macrophages, the guard cells inside the body. They instruct the blood vessels to release water into the surrounding tissue to assist them in fighting intruders.[1] Inflammation is vital to the body's healing process, and thus should only be reduced and suppressed if it is deemed absolutely necessary.[2] Countless drugs can help deal with inflammation, although nuts, seeds, and colorful vegetables can help as well.[3]

Can be purchased over-the-counter or obtained via a doctor's prescription from a pharmacy. Always read and follow the label; call poison control if overdose is suspected.

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