Barraspenwood sdw

Jack's barricade in Aspenwood

Haven’t heard anything more on the radio about the evacuation, can only hope they stick to their timeframe.
Don’t like my chances of finding much here, best to get what I can and keep moving.
Union City or bust.
Jack's diary

A map of Aspenwood

Aspenwood is a location in The Last Stand 2. Pre-outbreak it had a population of 1,204, making it the smallest town in the state. It is a pass-by rural town surrounded by a few farms, and contains two stores, a diner, a gas station and the local sheriff's office.

The buildings in Aspenwood take the longest time to search in, with the majority of buildings taking 4 or 5 hours to search, making it fairly difficult to easily find supplies and weapons.



Ucfootballposter sdw

An in-game poster of the Aspenwood Hunters

  • While the town has the smallest population in the region, the zombie hordes present are some of the largest, including weapon zombies. It's possible that some of these zombies have migrated from nearby Jonestown or are just wandering around the State. Added with its low barricade health (the lowest in the game), staying in this town is a recipe for disaster. 
  • Jack, while drawing the map, has apparently misspelled "Sheriff's".
  • One of the posters in TLS:UC shows that the town has its own football team, the "Aspenwood Hunters".
  • Aspenwood may be a reference to Aspen, Colorado, as both towns are surrounded by wilderness, along with their similar names.


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