Barry in the boiler room of Harrison & Harrison Broking.

Barry Wilmott is an NPC in The Last Stand: Union City. He was a janitor at Harrison & Harrison Broking until an unspecified time when he lost his job.

Background[edit | edit source]

Barry on the Stadium field.

After the outbreak he was quarantined in the Stadium by HERC. He quickly became suspicious of HERC's actions, including the "relocation" of other survivors, including his wife and the player's spouse.

When the player finds him, he offers them a way out of the Stadium if they find out where the relocated people were sent. After raiding the HERC command post, he gives them a key to a tunnel that leads out of the Stadium. He then helps the player infiltrate the HERC Outpost in Uptown, where the player's spouse is held.

He meets up with the player in front of his former workplace, Harrison & Harrison, and tells them about the tunnel leading to the outpost. Once they've made it to the basement safehouse, he gives the player the key to the tunnel. After the player rescues their spouse and returns, he wishes them luck, and stays behind to search for his wife.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Barry, armed with a G17, outside of Harrison & Harrison.

  • Barry was perhaps inspired by Barry Burton, a character from the Resident Evil series. They are both middle aged, prefer to use handguns (Burton uses a high-caliber revolver, Wilmott uses a G17 Pistol) and are physically large (although Burton is more muscular).
  • Barry looks quite similar to Darnel in terms of size and body shape.
  • Like other quest-critical NPCs, he doesn't use the firearm he is carrying, and zombies will ignore him.
  • He may have been intended to be a companion in the game, but then changed to a regular NPC.
  • At the Stadium, Barry will refer to the spouse as "her" and "she" even when referring to Matthew.
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