Batter Up
Batter Up!

+4 to +7 (dependent on Smarts) to Blunt (Skill)


0.5 lbs

Batter Up! is a skill book in The Last Stand: Union City.


Batting instructional magazine.


All Major League Baseball players have to start somewhere, right? None of them were born with a baseball bat in their hands. They needed to learn how to pitch, bat and catch. Perfecting these skills can take years of practice and experience. However, you can get there in half the time! How-to instructions on batting with the perfect technique, pitching like a pro and the hand-eye coordination needed to catch a ball. With Batter Up!, baseball has never been easier.


It increases the Blunt skill by a certain amount.


  • "Batter Up!" is a phrase used in baseball, when the umpire starts an inning.
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