"Jerky" redirects here. For the jerky introduced in the Z-Mas 2015 update, see Deer Jerky.
Beef Jerky

The Last Stand: Union City, The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Food and Drink


+2% Food (UC), +1 Food (DZ)


0.1 lbs

(Beef) Jerky is a type of food featured in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

Dried beef in stick form.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

Meat in dried stick form.


Generally made from thinly sliced meat that is salted and dried at low temperatures, jerky is a very popular snack throughout the world. Thanks to how it's made, jerky can be stored away for months even without refrigeration and has a higher protein content than regular meat. Combined with its portability, these qualities make it ideal for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

It can be found in large quantities in various stores throughout Union City. It's light, but doesn't restore much Health or Food.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

A low level food drop, it only provides 1 unit of Food. Every little bit counts, however.


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