Not to be confused with the HAZMAT Jacket or the HAZMAT Pants.

The Bio Hazard Clothes Set are a set of clothes that are featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It consists of the Bio Hazard Headgear, Bio Hazard Pants, and Bio Hazard Suit, and are generally worn by HERC doctors and scientists.


Originally used as the regulation clothing when dealing with bio-hazardous substances, the arrival of the zombie apocalypse has made the bio-hazard suit standard issue for scientists and doctors dealing with the outbreak. It gives full protection to the respiratory system along with shielding most of the body from exposure to hazardous materials, making it an excellent defense against toxic agents.

Although its use is restricted to government scientists trying to contain the outbreak, civilians may be able to obtain one through underhanded means.


The Bio Hazard Clothes Set can only be obtained by the player through completing 25% of the Achievements in the game. It is automatically placed in the player's storage upon completion of the necessary number of achievements, regardless of whether the box is full or not. Almost all players will gain the set throughout the course of the game.


Unfortunately, the bio hazard set has no effect on the game (i.e. it will not affect interactions with HERC personnel, nor will it reduce damage taken by the player), thus the choice of whether to wear it or not is a matter of personal preference.

The Bio Hazard Clothes Set is the third heaviest of all clothing combined, next to the HERC clothing set, which is a total of 26 pounds and the military clothes set, which is a total of 21 pounds. It is also the third heaviest individually, again behind the HERC and military clothing sets; at 4 lbs for the headgear, 6 lbs for the suit and 5 lbs for the pants.


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