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The symbol of the Bounty Office

The Bounty Office is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


An independent organization in the Dead Zone, they manage the listing and distribution of bounties. Correspondence is always handled by notes and payment by dead drops. As a result, no one knows who is behind it.

Infected bountiesEdit

Tlsdz bounty box

An unopened bounty box.

When the Bounty Office is accessed, 3 Infected Bounties become available, each taking place in a different (typically high level) district that will be marked with the Bounty Office's symbol. Each one requires the player to kill a certain number of up to 3 specific zombie types. Once completed, a new bounty can be obtained if it had been 47 hours since the previous bounty started,[n 1][1] or the player can obtain one immediately at the cost of 150 Fuel.

Tlsdz bounty box open

An opened bounty box, with its contents revealed.

The kill requirements will be automatically tracked in the same fashion as a task when carrying out a mission in the required district, and can also be viewed when not in a mission from the Infected Bounties tab of the Bounty Office or by hovering the cursor over the district marker on the city map.[2]

Tlsdz bounty crate

A bounty crate as it appears in the inventory.

Successfully completing all 3 Infected Bounties awards the player with a Bounty Box that can be opened in the Infected Bounties tab of the Bounty Office, which contains 4 random items. Possible contents include weapons and gear up to 10 levels above the player's current level, Medical Items, Active Gear, Fuel, keycards, clothing (including exclusive Infected Bounty Ballistic Masks), Research Notes, Infamous Components/Notes, Crafting Kits and Upgrade Tokens. There is no reward given for only completing 1 or 2 Infected Bounties.[2] Bounty boxes cannot be traded.

When first launched, infected bounties had a timer attached to them, and failing to complete the bounty when the timer expired would fail the bounty. Following numerous player complaints about running out of time, an update in May 2016 removed the timer, thus giving players an unlimited amount of time to complete them.[1] An existing bounty can be abandoned if the reissue time limit has passed.[3]

Possible targetsEdit

Survivor bountiesEdit

When the player has been raided, regardless of the outcome, their raid report will give them an option to place a bounty on the raider. Bounties are added by using Fuel. The Fuel that is added is then put into a collective pool of Fuel from other players who had been raided by the same person and becomes the bounty prize. There is a limit to how much Fuel can be added per raid.

The survivor bounty screen.


The message given to new bounty targets when they log in.

  • This option is only available from the raid report screen.
  • The bounty will expire 30 days after the last bounty addition.
  • The smallest bounty that can be placed is 10 Fuel.
  • The maximum bounty anyone can have on them is 100 Fuel, regardless of whether it's placed by one person or several.

Bounty listEdit

Compound HUD - Bottom Right

The Bounty Office as it appears on the player's HUD.

As soon as a bounty is placed on a survivor, that survivor is added to the Bounty List, which can be accessed from the HUD and shows all currently available bounties. Any player on this list can be attacked by anyone if they are within 5 levels of the prospective hunter, either higher or lower. The list can be filtered by Bounty Amount, Level, and Expiry.

Claiming bountiesEdit

In order to collect a bounty, the bounty hunter must raid their compound. The player is given a notification of how much bounty they currently have on their head when they raid the target compound. In order to claim the bounty, the player must injure the Leader. If the hunter successfully injures the leader, they may claim the bounty immediately, or may opt out of the reward. In the latter case, the bounty will not be claimed and can still be claimed by another player. If the bounty hunter is successful, their victim cannot place a bounty on their head; however, if the hunter fails, the victim will be allowed to place a bounty on their head.

Claiming the bounty gives the bounty hunter the lion's share of the bounty, while a small amount (around 18%) is claimed by the Bounty Office. There is also a limit to how many bounties a hunter can claim per day.

Bounty target penaltiesEdit

  • If a bounty hunter successfully claims the bounty, the Leader will be injured for an extended period of time.
  • The raider's compound will be a prime target for attacks by the community until the bounty is removed
  • Other survivors may be injured in the raid in an attempt to injure the leader
  • Resources may likely be stolen after bounty hunters have injured the leader
  • Expensive repairs from destroyed defenses may have to be made as a result of raiders after the bounty

Bounty huntersEdit

The Bounty Office will display a list of the most successful Bounty Hunters, based on their total fuel claimed from bounties and amount of bounties collected.


For both sides, there are rewards that are tied to achievements related to this. Earning these achievements triggers a package that can give the hunter access to exclusive items.


  1. The new bounties will only start when the player first logs in after the waiting time is up.
  2. Berserker zombies were available as infected bounty targets, but a glitch or oversight resulted in them being erroneously referred to as "?".


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