This page is about the bridge location from the Raid on Union Island. For other uses, see Bridge.
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The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Bridge is a location in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is part of the Raid on Union Island.


This grand bridge once allowed access to the city's treasured monument, but it was sealed with a concrete wall by HERC during the outbreak, which was later breached by a group of desperate survivors. Since their return, the fringes of HERC's new base guard the Union Island end of the bridge against both infected and survivors, with varied success.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The area will always be Level 51.


Survivors always start at the end of the bridge and must reach the other side to exit the map.


Variant AEdit

In this variant, the side mission is to loot three HERC Humvees: two located on the right side of the map, close to the HERC gate and the last one next to the radio tower. Six zombie spawn points are located on the sides of the map before getting inside the HERC camp and the other two inside of said camp.

At least, three HERC Mines can appear; one a few steps in front of where the survivors start, another close to the green gate next to the pickup truck and another in the road between the police car and the HERC gate.

Variant BEdit

The side mission in this variant is to disable three communication hubs: one located on the left side of the entrance to the HERC camp, the other located in the middle of the camp, and the last one located on the right side of the Exit Zone.

There are five zombie spawn points before entering the HERC camp; two on the left and three on the right. Three more inside the HERC camp; two on the left and one on the right and two more on each side of the construction site.

HERC Mines can be found at the entrance or the exit of the HERC camp, the parking lot with the black vehicles on the right.

Variant CEdit

The side mission on this variant is to destroy three Beacons: one is located at the nearby basketball court, another in the middle of the tracks leading to the Exit Zone and the last one on a construction site on the left, close to the exit.

HERC Mines can be found either close to the second beacon, in front of the train station entrance, or the middle of the basketball court. The tracks can either be blocked by debris or not as well as the entrance to the basketball court: which can be close to the parked freight cars or where the parked excavator is (not before destroying a green door).

To reach the Exit Zone, a sturdy black HERC gate must be destroyed.


Variant AEdit

A HERC trooper is located near the sandbags by the blue shipping container, who should be dealt with first. HERC troopers guarding the gun locker and the first beacon will easily overwhelm any lone, uncovered survivor, so seeking shelter from the concrete barriers behind the parked humvees is advised. A HERC sniper might be present in one of the three watchtowers by the first concrete wall. Another trooper will be guarding the black footlocker by the second wall, near the watchtower; they can be suppressed or stunned via a smoke grenade. A trooper will be located behind the tall wall of sandbags. Two troopers will be guarding the second beacon, with one behind the concrete blocks and the second behind the sandbags adjacent to the green shipping container. Be wary of possible flanking at this stage, and be ready for the unexpected.

Past the second wall, two troopers will be beside the subway tracks; one will be next to the wrecked car, and the second, a sniper, behind the sandbag fortification on the rightmost corner of the map. The road serves as the trickiest part of the map — a HERC Mine will be planted in the middle of the road, backed up by two troopers hidden behind the sandbags near the exit zone. Smoke grenades can be used to buy survivors time to disarm the mine.

After this, the player can either choose to attack the third beacon or head straight for the exit zone. If the player chooses the former, they will have to head south down the road, where they will be greeted by three more troopers. One is located behind the sandbag fortifications, and the other two by the concrete barriers adjacent to the beacon.

Variant BEdit

A HERC trooper may occasionally appear right in front of the concrete barrier, without cover; they should be fairly easy to deal with. Another trooper is located behind the sandbags next to the bulldozer. There are two gates, one already destroyed and the other still destroyable, both of which are guarded by two troopers shielded behind the sandbags. The first beacon, located in front of the radio antenna, can be destroyed here. Further up the map, one or two soldiers will be inside the fenced corridor, and another behind the overlapping pipes. The second beacon is located inside a fenced area, secured by a door which can be destroyed.

The final gate is guarded by a watchtower, manned by a sniper. A HERC mine may also be present somewhere around this area, near the gate. Two or three troopers will either be behind the concrete barrier, next to any of the parked humvees, or behind the sandbags adjacent to the exit zone. The third and final beacon is located behind a few green crates and a wall of sandbags on the northernmost corner of the map.

Variant CEdit

Two or three HERC troopers wait behind the pallets near the first HERC gate, who should be dealt with first. Another HERC trooper is located on top of the trailers on the right corner, with another one adjacent to said trailers. One or two are sheltered behind the sandbag barrier on the right side of the first HERC gate.

A HERC Heavy trooper might be on top of the truck next to the first HERC Gate that must be destroyed, survivors with long-range guns can suppress him even if the gate hasn't been destroyed. Two trooper cover the right side of the HERC Gate next to the blue container, they are behind some pallets.

Destroying the ant of the first couple of HERC gates reveals two troopers behind the concrete barriers or sandbag wall as well as a HERC Heavy trooper and a sniper behind the sandbags wall down the road. Destroying any of the green gates reveals three HERC troopers behind pallets/sandbags.

Behind the second pair of HERC gates there is a HERC trooper waiting for you as well as soldiers behind vehicles or the fences. A HERC trooper may be on the balcony of the small house next to the Exit Zone.

HERC Mines may be present on the front yard of the small house, on the road towards the second pair of HERC Gates or near said gates.

As a general rule, be wary of destroying the gates, as an ambush might be waiting behind. Move carefully across the road to avoid triggering any mines. Snipers should be eliminated before moving further into the map.




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