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Tlsdz broadcaster

The broadcaster, located at the lower-left of the HUD

The Broadcaster is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


The broadcaster is located at the bottom of the playing area, at the bottom of the HUD. It can be turned on or off by clicking on the icon of the radio tower at the left of the broadcaster. It is on by default.

When enabled, the broadcaster will announce recent player activity around the Dead Zone, such as a player finding a Rare or Unique item, defeating another player in a raid, or failing a mission. It will also announce limited time offers from the developers, such as Community Tasks, packages, and events.


Player activity messagesEdit

Task completionEdit

  • <Name of player> has completed <Name of task>
  • <Name of player> just completed <Name of task>
  • <Name of player> completed <Name of task>

Scavenging high quality itemsEdit

  • <Name of player> picked up <Name of item>
  • <Name of player> found <Name of item>
  • <Name of player> acquired <Name of item>
  • <Name of player> scavenged <Name of item>
  • <Name of item> was picked up by <Name of player>
  • <Name of item> was scavenged by <Name of player>
  • <Name of item> was found by <Name of player>

Crafting quality itemsEdit

  • <Name of item> was crafted by <Name of player>
  • <Name of player> successfully crafted <Name of item>

Unboxing quality itemsEdit

  • <Name of player> opened a box to find <Name of item>
  • <Name of player> unboxed <Name of item>

New survivor joined compoundEdit

  • <Name of survivor> has just joined <Name of player>'s Compound
  • <Name of survivor> joined <Name of player>'s ranks
  • <Name of player> has strengthened their ranks with the arrival of <Name of survivor>
  • <Name of survivor> arrived at <Name of player>'s compound

Mission failureEdit

  • <Name of district> proved too difficult for <Name of player>'s survivors
  • <Name of player>'s survivors fell to the infected in <Name of district>
  • <Name of player> could not defeat the infected in <Name of district>
  • <Name of player> failed a mission in <Name of district>

Player level upEdit

  • <Name of player> levelled to <Level number>
  • <Name of player> hit level <Level number>
  • <Name of player> has reached lvl <Level number>
  • <Name of player> is now level <Level number>

Player raid defense successEdit

  • <Name of player> defeated an attack at their compound!
  • <Name of player>'s compound held off all attackers!
  • A raid against <Name of player> has ended in disaster!
  • <Name of player> held off a raid by destroying the attackers!

Player raid offense successEdit

  • <Name of player> rampaged through a compound and left no one standing!
  • A compound raided by <Name of player> was left in ruins with no survivors!
  • <Name of player> raided a compound and laid waste to all survivors there!
  • <Name of player> attacked another compound and downed all defenders!
  • <Name of player> devastated a compound leaving no one behind!

Compound horde defense failureEdit

  • The compound of <Name of player> was overrun by the infected!
  • <Name of player> failed to make their last stand against the infected!
  • <Name of player> failed to defend against the infected horde!
  • <Name of player> fell victim to the infected horde at their compound!

New bountiesEdit

  • <Name of player> placed a bounty on <Name of player>

Survivor bounty collectionsEdit

  • <Name of player> collected a bounty of <bounty> on <Name of player>

Alliance WarsEdit

  • <Name of player> just scored <Number of points> War Points from <Name of player>
  • <Name of player> just stole a <Name of alliance> banner!
  • <Name of player> just won <Number of points> War Points for <Name of alliance>
  • <Name of alliance> is currently winning the Alliance War
  • <Name of alliance> is second in the Alliance War

Raid on Union Island initiationEdit

  • <Name of player> is starting Union Island

Raid on Union Island failureEdit

  • <Name of player> failed their attempt at Union Island

Terror DomeEdit

  • <Name of player> is now the Terror Dome leader at LVL <Level number> (<Number of points> points)

High Activity ZonesEdit

  • <Name of player> successfully completed a High Activity Zone.


  • Press [ R ] during missions to manually reload
  • Medics have lower health and aren't great in combat, keep them protected.
  • Book effects can be equipped to stack, provided it is not the same book title.
  • Weapon and Gear level is just as important as your survivor level.
  • Seal off your compound to help defend against infected and raiders
  • Active Gear is not used by AI survivors in compound raid defenses
  • Using a projectile weapon on a mission uses a set amount of ammunition
  • Hold [ SHIFT ] to lock your survivor while targetting [sic]
  • Engineers are best with crafted improvised weapons
  • Each class has a number of weapon types they specialize in
  • Rotate the camera by clicking the rotate button in the bottom right
  • You can toggle the broadcaster by clicking the antenna icon on the left
  • Use [ SPACE ] to rotate buildings
  • Books can be found anywhere across the Dead Zone
  • Unique and Rare quality gear can be found anywhere gear is found
  • Keep an eye on your Morale low [sic] morale leads to poor combat performance
  • Fighters are your strongest combat survivors
  • Equip long range weapons for defending your compound
  • Make sure your survivors are covered when reloading
  • Return times will get longer as you get further away from your compound
  • Secure your resources first as these are the prime targets for raiders
  • Books with limited use times are locked to their slots on equipping them
  • Only one of each book title can be equipped at a time.
  • Right click to use any active gear you have equipped
  • Hold [ CTRL ] when selecting items in the Recycler to add the entire stack
  • Reloading or scavenging can be interrupted by infected attacks
  • Attacking another player prevents you from purchasing protection for a time
  • Sending survivors in groups of two or more when leaving the compound
  • There are Schematics for high quality items out in the Dead Zone
  • Make sure your storage isn't full when heading out on missions
  • Communication systems let you connect with other survivors
  • You have two loadouts [sic] one for defense and one for missions
  • Active Gear can be found in the Dead Zone or crafted by you
  • Use a mix of long range and melee survivors to cover all situations
  • Active Gear can only be placed in the third slot
  • Clear the junkpile [sic] around your compound to get resources early on

Server shutdownEdit

These messages are shown at least half an hour before a scheduled server shutdown is set to take place, and will be displayed in the following order:

  • The server will be shutting down in <number> minute(s)
  • Reason for shutdown: <variable>
  • Estimated return time: <variable> (your local time)


  • WARNING: Account sharing may result in a permanent ban.
  • Hold Space + Click to Attack Barricades in Raider Compounds!
  • WARNING: If a shared link asks you to log in, it could be a scam. Use caution.
  • WARNING: Shared links could be phishing scams. Do not share your account details.
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