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Broken Football Helmet

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Broken Football Helmet is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It was only available during the Halloween event in 2015.

Description[edit | edit source]

A broken and unwearable sports protection headpiece.

Background[edit | edit source]

The century-old game of gridiron has left countless skulls cracked and brains suffering from the long-term effects of concussion. To protect their minds, thoughts, and souls from the rough tackles, players have fashioned protective helmets to cushion falls and kicks to the head. Despite their best efforts, professional football players still suffer from permanent brain damage, and their helmets tell the gruesome tale of their careers.

Found in the garbage bins of failed football teams and in the display cases of retired sports champions.

Used for[edit | edit source]

Recycling products[edit | edit source]

  • Metal x 10

Obtained from[edit | edit source]

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