Current cash total display in the backpack

Cash is a type of paper currency featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It can be used to purchase weapons, ammunition, and medical items at King-o-Pawn. This is its only use in the game, but a very important one.

Cash is placed in the same category as Junk in the player's inventory, but cannot be deleted. Like ammunition, cash has no weight.

How to obtainEdit


Cash dropped by a zombie

  • Lucky drops from zombies.
  • Finding it in containers. Some containers always contain a fixed amount of cash, while others only contain cash as a lucky find (though they will not be marked as such).
  • There is a red bar at the top of the map travel screen. Clicking on it gives the option to like The Last Stand on Facebook and Follow it on Twitter. There's no need to actually do either; simply clicking on them will grant the player $500 each. This only works once.


  • The bills appear to be US dollars.
  • The achievement "Blood Money" requires the player to collect $5000.
  • There is a junk item called Coins, but it cannot be used as cash.
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