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'''Supply Boxes''' are a type of item featured in {{TLS:DZ}}.
'''[[Supply box]]es''' are a type of item featured in {{TLS:DZ}}.
A container of mysterious origin, no one knows why or how they are in the [[Union City (Location)|Dead Zone]]. Most are left behind for any [[HERC]] associate to open it with a select key. Sometimes, these boxes come and leave without any warning. Although the keys are quite rare, the prizes are to die for.
[[File:Tlsdz unknown item.png|thumb|right|All {{Quality|Premium}} supply boxes have this item. It will become a {{Quality|Purple}} or {{Quality|Premium}} when unboxed.]]All {{Quality|Premium}} supply boxes have the possibility of producing a {{Quality|Purple}} or {{Quality|Premium}} item.
===HERC Supply Box===
{{Main|HERC Supply Box}}
HERC Supply Boxes are supply boxes left behind for [[HERC]] members or anyone fortunate enough to obtain a key. Older and lower-leveled variants usually contain weapons or gear, while newer and higher-leveled variants contain [[fuel]], [[books]], [[clothing]], or [[schematics]].
===HERC Tactical Response Supply Box===
{{Main|HERC Tactical Response Supply Box}}
HERC Tactical Response Supply Boxes contain [[ammo]] and special [[HERC]] weapons or [[clothing]]. The insides can be quite useful early on, but lose its effectiveness as the game progresses. The keycards are usually extremely expensive.
===Trick or Treat Trunk===
{{Main|Trick or Treat Trunk}}
There are many different Trick or Treat Trunk variants, but they all drop during [[Halloween]]. They contain one or three {{Quality|Premium}} items, with the other slots taken up by [[Junk]] items. Post-2012 variants also give a random effect when opened.
===Z-Mas Box===
{{Main|Z-Mas Box}}
A Z-Mas box comes in two variants, Naughty and Nice. They drop during the [[Z-Mas|Christmas]] season. Nice variants contain {{Quality|Premium}} items while Naughty variants are infamous for its high chance of giving coal. It can contain a {{Quality|Premium}} item, however. Nice keycards cost more than the Naughty variants.
===Birthday Box===
{{Main|Birthday Box}}
The Birthday Box is given to the player for free on [[The Last Stand: Dead Zone]]'s anniversaries along with its keycard. Inside, it contains exclusive items, such as the [[Cake Hat]] and [[Birthday Hat]]s.
===Winter Cache===
{{Main|Winter Cache}}
The Winter Cache is a supply box that was accessible in winters. They contained new winter hats, [[ammo]] or a lot of [[fuel]].
===Independence Box===
{{Main|Budget Independence Box}}
{{Main|Premium Independence Box}}
A pair of boxes only available during [[Independence Day]] that feature various patriotic items.
===Beacon Box===
{{Main|Beacon Parts Box}}
{{Main|Beacon Security Box}}
A pair of boxes that could only be found [[scavenging]] whilst the '''[[Tasks#Construct The Beacon|Construct the Beacon]]''' Dead Zone task was in effect.
===Ammo Cache===
{{Main|Ammo Cache}}
The Ammo Cache contains various amounts of [[ammunition]].
===Premium Supply Box===
{{Main|Premium Supply Box}}
The Premium Supply Box contains one of four random boosts, each of which last one hour.
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Supply boxes are a type of item featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

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