Supply Boxes are a type of item featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A container of mysterious origin, no one knows why or how they are in the Dead Zone. Most are left behind for any HERC associate to open it with a select key. Sometimes, these boxes come and leave without any warning. Although the keys are quite rare, the prizes are to die for.


Tlsdz unknown item

All Premium supply boxes have this item. It will become a Elite or Premium when unboxed.

All Premium supply boxes have the possibility of producing a Elite or Premium item.

HERC Supply Box

Main article: HERC Supply Box

HERC Supply Boxes are supply boxes left behind for HERC members or anyone fortunate enough to obtain a key. Older and lower-leveled variants usually contain weapons or gear, while newer and higher-leveled variants contain fuel, books, clothing, or schematics.

HERC Tactical Response Supply Box

Main article: HERC Tactical Response Supply Box

HERC Tactical Response Supply Boxes contain ammo and special HERC weapons or clothing. The insides can be quite useful early on, but lose its effectiveness as the game progresses. The keycards are usually extremely expensive.

Trick or Treat Trunk

Main article: Trick or Treat Trunk

There are many different Trick or Treat Trunk variants, but they all drop during Halloween. They contain one or three Premium items, with the other slots taken up by Junk items. Post-2012 variants also give a random effect when opened.

Z-Mas Box

Main article: Z-Mas Box

A Z-Mas box comes in two variants, Naughty and Nice. They drop during the Christmas season. Nice variants contain Premium items while Naughty variants are infamous for its high chance of giving coal. It can contain a Premium item, however. Nice keycards cost more than the Naughty variants.

Birthday Box

Main article: Birthday Box

The Birthday Box is given to the player for free on The Last Stand: Dead Zone's anniversaries along with its keycard. Inside, it contains exclusive items, such as the Cake Hat and Birthday Hats.

Winter Cache

Main article: Winter Cache

The Winter Cache is a supply box that was accessible in winters. They contained new winter hats, ammo or a lot of fuel.

Independence Box

Main article: Budget Independence Box
Main article: Premium Independence Box

A pair of boxes only available during Independence Day that feature various patriotic items.

Ammo Cache

Main article: Ammo Cache

The Ammo Cache contains various amounts of ammunition.

Premium Supply Box

Main article: Premium Supply Box

The Premium Supply Box contains one of four random boosts, each of which last one hour.

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