Cautious Defusal Tactics

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Tactics Manual


 -2% Move Speed
+2% Trap Disarming
+6% Hit Chance


 45 Minutes

Cautious Defusal Tactics is a Tactics Manual featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Description[edit | edit source]

Trap and bomb defusal techniques while maintaining a safe perimeter.

Background[edit | edit source]

Many techniques exist for the making an explosive safe. The greatest variable is the proximity of the device to people or facilities. Laying hands on an explosive device should only be done when the risk to people or structure cannot be reduced. Nonetheless, when handling a sensitive device, operators should be aware of their surroundings, have a clear mind and make sure support personnel are far away as possible from the blast radius. Even after successfully neutralizing the device, it must be handled with extreme caution as professional EOD personnel, despite having expert knowledge, skills and equipment, are not immune to misfortune.

Bomb disposal procedures are a tradecraft protected from the public eye to avoid misuse but manuals about it can be found amongst bomb squads.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Decreases move speed by 2% but increases trap disarming skill by 2% and increases hit chance by 6%.

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