Barrclaysburg sdw

Jack's barricade in Claysburg

Hah! Don’t think it’ll make a difference to them, the bastards, the pews make a fairly decent barricade though.
A lot of stores around here, hopefully I can dig up some supplies.
Note: I’ve seen a number of them carrying weapons, could get nasty.
Jack's diary

A map of Claysburg

Claysburg is a location in The Last Stand 2. The pre-outbreak population was 60,044, making it the third largest town in the State, after Jonestown and Union City.

As stated in the diary, the town is full of searchable locations: a gun store, a police station, a large department store, 6 small stores, a gas station, an office building, and 4 residential buildings (2 apartments and 2 houses). Claysburg is a great opportunity to look for supplies, weapons, and survivors.

Be warned though: the larger population means that far more zombies are present, including the dreaded weapons zombies.



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