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The Compound is a location in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is part of the Raid on Union Island.


The heart of HERC's new base of operations, the advanced equipment within its walls are the ultimate prize for any survivor. Unfortunately, many of these are in the hands of HERC's best troopers, who are well-fortified and ready to gun down any intruder attempting to force their way in. They are not invincible, however, as some of the strongest zombie hordes ever seen in the Dead Zone have been known to breach into sections of the compound. In either case, this is the greatest challenge in the Dead Zone, but the rewards for success would be well worth it.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The area will always be Level 55.



Variant AEdit

With 12 zombie spawn points, a massive square map and a high spawn rate, along with the location's level, this is the ultimate challenge for those who survived the previous two locations. The best strategy is to keep survivors together and protect both the designated scavenger and the engineer. Survivors start to the right of a dirt road with the exit zone located on the southwest corner, protected by a HERC Gate.

HERC Mines may be located en route to the exit zone, so be wary of those. Most of the zombie spawn points are located on destroyed sections of the wall, with the notable exception of a spawn point on the tower in the middle of the map.

Long rifles and light machine guns are recommended, as zombies will be omnipresent.

Variant BEdit

Survivors start in the middle of the map. A HERC Mine might appear next to the survivors, so the Engineer should disarm it before the infected knock down the gates on the left and right and attack.

More mines might be present on the dining area, the Humvee parking lot, the unloading area, the storage area with shelves and the train tracks. There are 5 zombie spawn points of which three are located where the HERC gates are, which can be demolished by the infected.

Moving survivors from area to area while the Scavenger and/or the Engineer work is recommended. To reach the exit zone, survivors must traverse through a container-maze and destroy a HERC Gate, this maze proves an excellent choke point.

Variant CEdit

Survivors start on the southwest part of the map. The Exit Zone is following the road in front of the survivors, blocked by a HERC gate. There are 6 zombie spawn points, 2 on the northwest part of the map, blocked by a barricade, one on the southeast part, near the area with picnic tables, one on the east corner of the map, where the portable toilets, one next to the Exit Zone and the last one on the north corner of the map, near the green tents.

Mines may be present on the dirt road circling the basketball court, near the shower/portable toilets area and/or near the tents where the HERC Humvees are parked.

Use the multiple doorways and barriers to put distance between you and the zombie hordes.


In the first two variants, survivors will always spawn outside the compound. The only route to the exit zone will always involve venturing into the compound itself. Survivors can either take down all HERC troopers and complete the side objectives or head towards the exit zone and engage troopers only when required.

Variant AEdit

Survivors start on on the leftmost corner of the map with one or two HERC Mines located to the left and right of the starting point.

At least three troopers, one of them a heavy trooper, will be positioned around the concrete barriers near the entrance. Two or three more HERC mines on the road towards the gate. Two more troopers are behind the concrete barriers on the southernmost corner of the map, outside the compound.

A HERC gate must be destroyed to gain access to the compound but sometimes it will be already destroyed. Regardless, there will be a HERC trooper welcoming survivors behind some concrete barriers. Another two troopers are behind sandbag wall where there are two green containers in the middle. Three more troopers are behind the sandbags that lead to the radio tower. Between the green tents and the cistern there is another trooper.

Three troopers will be stationed where the HERC tents are located; one, usually a minigunner, in the entrance and two more at the bottom, behind a sandbag wall, usually with sniper rifles and/or assault rifles). In the HERc Humvees parking lot there may be two troopers.

One or two troopers may be behind the concrete barriers near the exit zone.

Survivors can also take an alternate route and instead choose to enter through the destroyed wall on the west, which may guarded by a watchtower and two mines. Use the damaged car as cover as two or three trooper guard the gap. This option usually has survivors facing heavy resistance from HERC troopers positioned on the west area of the compound.

HERC snipers may be present in the easternmost and northernmost watchtowers on the map.

Variant BEdit

One or two HERC Mines lurk near the main gates, and should be disarmed first. Two or three HERC troopers wait behind the fences past the gates. After they are taken care of, the player can choose to go further inside the compound or head straight for the exit zone.

If the player chooses to venture further inside the compound, they will be greeted with four HERC troopers, two on top of shipping containers and the other two on the humvees. The first beacon is located to the left, and will be guarded by a HERC trooper; sometimes, there may be a mine present as well. In the mess,[n 1] one or two troopers may be hiding near the entrance while another one or two may be behind the green walls in front of the trailer. The second beacon is located near the radio antenna, and two troopers will be guarding it; one right beside the beacon, and the second on the roof of the white building. A third trooper might appear on the flatbed of the black pickup truck.

If the player chooses to head straight for the exit, they will have to deal with at least three or four mines along the way. A sniper may be present in one of the two watchtowers overshadowing the entrances. One trooper guards the beacon located behind the compound. Two or three HERC troopers wait behind the humvees serving as a roadblock.

Two HERC troopers hide behind the concrete barriers just before the exit zone.

Variant CEdit

Survivors will spawn on the leftmost corner of the map, next to a watchtower. Heading to the shutters, survivors will be greeted by 4 HERC troopers, one behind the pallets next to the containers and another behind the pallets near the subway train and the last two behind each sandbag walls near the train tracks.

Another trooper is facing the entrance near the plywood, another is around the corner waiting for unsuspecting survivors and two or three are behind the pallets near the green U.S. Army crates or behind the sandbags covering the workbench.

Three troopers are behind the crash barriers as well as two more behind each flower box around the parking lot area.

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  1. Dining area.




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