Compound Progress

A Compound Progress Report

The Compound Progress Report is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It tracks the requirements to attract a new survivor to the compound.


This is your progress towards attracting a new survivor to your compound. Maintain the overall state of your compound to attract new survivors to your compound.


The Compound Progress Report can be accessed by clicking the blue progress bar in the top right corner of the compound screen. On the Report, several requirements are listed as below:

  • Food Supply - Everyone needs to eat. Increase your food supply by building vegetable gardens and food storage. You can also find food stuffs throughout the city.
  • Water Supply - The source of life. Increase your water supply by building water catchments and water storage. You can also find water throughout the city.
  • Comfort - You need to maintain a minimum level of comfort for your survivors. Increase your comfort rating by building beds, kitchens and other amenities to make your compound feel like home.
    • The Compound comfort rating. Can be raised by building and upgrading Comfort structures.
  • Security - Survivors will feel safer in a well secured compound. Build defensive buildings to increase your overall security rating.
    • The Compound security rating. Can be raised by building and upgrading Security structures.
  • Morale - Happy survivors are productive survivors. Maintain your compound's morale by making sure everything runs smoothly. Make sure supplies are plentiful and survivors remain uninjured.
    • The compound's Morale. Factors that affect morale are covered in that article.
  • Other - List of other requirements, typically a certain number of a type of structure, e.g. n x Bed (Level 1). Structures upgraded past the required level will still count towards fulfilling the requirements.

After the listed requirements been met, a new survivor will eventually show up and join the compound. They do not always appear immediately, as the server only intermittently checks whether the requirements have been fulfilled. Should the requirements drop below the needed levels before they arrive, the survivor will not show up until after the requirements are fulfilled again.

After the new survivor arrives, the Compound Progress Report will be updated with new requirements until the maximum of 10 survivors, including the Leader, are recruited. Once it has reached this point, the Other section will list "Maximum Survivors Reached".

Survivors can also be immediately hired by spending Fuel, with the required amount increasing for every survivor already present in the compound.[n 1]


Survivors Food (days) Water (days) Comfort Security Morale Other
2 0 0 0 0 -100 1 x Food Storage (Level 1)
1 x Water Storage (Level 1)
3 2 2 2 2 -10 3 x Bed (Level 1)
4 3 3 5 5 2 4 x Bed (Level 1)
2 x Food Storage (Level 1)
2 x Water Storage (Level 1)
5 5 5 15 20 10 5 x Bed (Level 2)
1 x Vegetable Garden (Level 2)
1 x Water Collector (Level 2)
6 7 7 20 30 20 6 x Bed (Level 2)
7 8 8 45 55 20 7 x Bed (Level 2)
1 x Outhouse (Level 1)
8 9 9 60 75 25 8 x Bed (Level 3)
1 x Shower (Level 1)
9 10 10 85 130 30 9 x Bed (Level 3)
10 12 12 105 175 40 10 x Bed (Level 3)
1 x Kitchen (Level 1)


  1. This option only appears on the Facebook version of the game.