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Con Artist Games, sometimes abbreviated as CaG, is an independent game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 2008 by Chris "Con" Condon, and has five employees as of October 2016.[1] They are most notable for having created The Last Stand series.


CAG logo warfare1917 sdw

The logo for Warfare 1917.


The Last Stand seriesEdit

Warfare seriesEdit

CAG logo warfare1944 logo sdw

The logo for Warfare 1944.

Crush the Castle series (artwork only)Edit

CAG logo sin mark sdw

The logo for Sin Mark.

Other gamesEdit



  • Chris "Con" Condon: Founder and Director
  • Stephen "Steve" Woolcock: Developer
  • Lisa Axiotis: Artist
  • Andrew "Sev" Sevenson: Developer
  • Tom Hollow:[3] Production
  • Simon Boxer: Artist


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  1. While Con has mentioned no plans for a sequel, it is in high demand amongst fans.

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