Construction Site (OUT)
Construction Site

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

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Area + 1



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The Construction Site is a type of location that can be searched in the The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Variant 1Edit

Small scale construction site.

Variant 2Edit

Large scale construction site.


Before the outbreak, these sites were filled with heavy machinery and incessant hammering. The messy dump of building materials somehow find their way into a towering office tower, or luxury condos. However, such dreams would never come true, as the infection rendered new development a fantasy. The horrifying mess of materials left behind can still be used to spruce up your new "home".

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The level of a Construction Site is always 1 level higher than the area it is in.


The size of construction sites can vary, so a combination of assault rifles, shotguns, and perhaps a melee weapon would be a good idea. Construction sites tend to spawn a lot of zombies, making the map treacherous for a lone survivor. Keep the group together and have them follow the designated scavenger as they move from container to container.

Fighters are best equipped with shoes, as a lot of ground needs to be covered. A speedy getaway may also be required if a horde attack strikes whilst the group is near a spawn point, which is inevitable as some containers are located dangerously close to them. The many obstacles on this map can be used to the player's advantage; if the player carefully positions their survivors behind an obstacle, zombies will have to detour around the objects, giving survivors additional time to shoot them.


  • "Small scale" variants are present before unlocking Brookvale, while "large scale" variants appear from Brookvale onwards.


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