Containment Kit Parts
Containment Kit Parts

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Containment Kit Parts is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It was introduced during the Containment update.


Crafting parts used in the Containment crafting event!


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Used forEdit

Recycling productsEdit

  • Metal x 50

Obtained fromEdit

  • The Store
    • Batches of 100 can be purchased for 450 Fuel.
  • Packages
    • Containment update
      • 1,000 can be found in the Containment Crafting Pack ($14.90 USD)
      • 1,000 can be found in the 15,000 Fuel sale ($65.90 USD)
      • 400 can be found in the 7,000 Fuel sale ($32.90 USD)
      • 200 can be found in the 2,500 Fuel sale ($13 USD)
  • Likely scavenging locations:
    • Anywhere
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