Cover is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Survivors can be ordered to take cover behind objects in the compound or the Raid on Union Island by clicking near the object when the cursor turns into an appropriately colored shield. While in cover, survivors are much harder to hit (except when attacking) and will automatically attack enemies within their weapon's range, but are vulnerable to suppression, which can disable their ability to attack.

Each object (except the Rally Flag, Alliance Banner, traps, and flags in the miscellaneous buildings section) has a cover rating, which affects the enemy's accuracy penalty and the survivor's suppression resistance. It is displayed as a colored shield on the survivor's portrait, next to their name when selected and next to the cursor when moved over objects that can be used as cover. The available cover ratings are:

  • Red shield Low: Minimal resistance.
  • Yellow shield Moderate: Average resistance.
  • Green shield High: Excellent resistance. (Can only be obtained by upgraded barricades or compound doors)

Cover is directional, meaning that it only protects survivors against attacks coming from the other side of the cover being used. If the enemy has a clear line of sight to a survivor by attacking from their sides or rear, they do not receive the accuracy penalty.

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