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The Crafting screen.

Crafting is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that allows players to create and upgrade weapons, gear and components.




Crafting weapons/ammunition, gear, components and medical items (performed at the Weapons Bench, the Gear Bench, the Engineering Bench and the Medical Bench, respectively) requires Schematics, which can be obtained by building/upgrading the crafting benches, scavenging them during missions and completing certain tasks.

Crafting also requires the player to have a certain amount of components, junk and/or resources in their inventory. Some items may also require base items of a certain type. Any item of the required type can be used (except in the case of Vintage schematics, which require Vintage versions of that weapon), but any attachments or conditions on the base item(s) used will not affect or be transferred to the resulting crafted item. Therefore, it would be advisable to use the least desirable/lowest quality base item(s) available when crafting.

Certain schematics (mostly Superior and Elite ones) will also require an equivalent or higher level Engineer before they can be crafted. They may also require a similarly leveled survivor of another class.

Crafting is completed instantaneously and there is a chance for crafted weapons and gear to obtain random additional stat bonuses, which will usually be marked in yellow as "Crafted". The items that can be crafted are determined by the level of the relevant crafting bench.

Alliance boosts, books, and boxes can stack to reduce crafting costs by up to 80%.


Weapons and gear can also be upgraded through the crafting menu, though they cannot receive the random "Crafted" stat bonus. They will, however, retain any such bonuses they may have had, though it will not be displayed in the upgrade results.

An amount of Fuel is used up per item crafted or upgraded, depending on the resulting item's level and quality. Items cannot be upgraded past a certain point, depending on the maximum level of the item type and the level of the crafting bench.

Should the item be below its Base Level (typically the lowest possible level they can be found at), it can be upgraded for free but will not receive any stat boosts until it has reached its Base Level.

The upgrade cost can be removed with an Upgrade Token.


The Fuel cost of crafting or upgrading items is based on their level:

Item Quality Crafting Cost / LVL Upgrade Cost / LVL
Poor N/A (Not Craftable) 0.75 (75%)
Common 0.500 (100%) 1.00 (100%)
Common 0.500 (100%) 1.00 (100%)
Good 0.625 (125%) 2.00 (200%)
Superior 1.250 (250%) 5.00 (500%)
Rare N/A (Not Craftable) 25.0 (2500%)
Elite 1.750 (750%) 7.50 (750%)
Unique N/A (Not Craftable) 50.0 (5000%)
Infamous N/A (Item Specific) N/A (Not Upgradeable)
Premium N/A (Item Specific) 40.0 (4000%)

Decimals are rounded down.

Crafting items[]

There are certain items which may be worth keeping for crafting purposes.


  • Items can be upgraded even if the survivor they are assigned to is away from the compound.