Damaged Drawer
Damaged Drawer

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Damaged Drawer is a junk item in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A damaged wooden desk drawer.


It's always nice to be able to store your valuables inside a wall, and literally pull it out when you need it. Drawers do just that, and are commonly used to store large quantities of valuable objects, such as legal documents, jewelry, pictures of your wedding, and above all, your phone and laptop charger. And, if you ever get stressed out, you can always slam your drawers in as hard as you can until you cool down; just remember that drawers don't take too kindly to raging office workers.

Drawers in good condition are found in dressers, closets, desks, and furniture stores.

Recycling productsEdit

  • Wood x 5

How to obtainEdit


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