Dana sdw

Dana with his M4A1 at the Docks safehouse.

Dana is an NPC in The Last Stand: Union City. He is a member of Jack's group of survivors and is first seen in Jack's safehouse at the Docks.


Dana was presumably a survivor found by Jack during the course of The Last Stand 2, but unlike his fellow survivorsJane and Shawn, he seems somewhat edgy and does not provide any information. However, he does seem to trust Jack as a leader, stating so in the game. Dana is armed with a M4A1 assault rifle and wears a military kevlar vest and a unique red cloth band around his head similar to Jane's.


He is the only member of Jack's group with him at the boat, implying the other two were killed or separated by the zombies that came through the wall leading to Union Island. After the player leaves, he either escapes with Jack or is killed by the zombie horde. It is unknown how he and Jack arrived so quickly at the boat.

Dana in action

Dana in action.


  • Interestingly, he is invincible during actual gameplay.
  • He also has a tendency to advance to melee range, even though he's wielding an assault rifle. This may be so the player can escape to the boat without zombies attacking him/her. However, he will fall back a bit from the zombies but continue to fire at them if the player doesn't board fast enough.
  • He follows the player around in the last area of Union Island as if he were a companion.
  • While at the wall blocking the bridge to Union Island, Dana carries his M4A1 but does not use it, and zombies will ignore him.
  • Dana may have been a former member of the military, judging by his outfit and his choice of weaponry, or simply a survivalist like Jack. He may have also simply attained his outfit and weapon from a military base.
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