The Dead Zone Gazette is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is used to inform players of any major updates and special events in the game.


HERC Supply Boxes Found (22 May 2012)Edit

Survivors out in the Dead Zone have reported finding supply boxes left behind by HERC operatives before the fall. Each Supply Box contains a single uncommon, rare or very rare or premium item.

Recycler Accelerated (22 May 2012)Edit

We've jury-rigged the Recycler to work in overdrive for a limited time. The time it takes to recycle multiple items has been reduced dramatically. This should help clean up your inventory to make room for more loot.

Crafting Coming Soon (28 May 2012)Edit

Crafting will be here very soon. Start holding on to your higher quality items as they will provide new materials that will be necessary to craft with! Not long now.

Crafting Now Available! (7 June 2012)Edit

Craft, Upgrade and Enhance your existing weapons and gear with the crafting benches. Rumor is that rare schematics have been found out in the Dead Zone.

New Crafting Items Available (7 June 2012)Edit

There are new crafting items available for making quality weapons and gear. To get them, you'll need to recycle other high quality items from your inventory.

Fuel Drop Increases (7 June 2012)Edit

Reports from our scavengers is that Fuel is now easier to find in the Dead Zone. This may be related to it's [sic] increased demand!

Achievements and Tasks Fixed (22 June 2012)Edit

We had zombies in the server room this week. They were chewing on the cables that saved statistics for achievements and tasks. They have been dealt with.

New Achievements Available (25 June 2012)Edit

There's a total of 14 new achievements related to Crafting, Upgrades and Schematics up for grabs with over 95,000 XP attached. Get to it, there's crafting to be done!

Fuel Trading Post: Battle Axe (25 June 2012)Edit

Get medieval with this new premium melee weapon. High damage, large range and good knockback all result in much needed carnage. Now available in the Fuel Trading Post.

Apocalyptic Styling (27 June 2012)Edit

In between updates we thought you might like to personalize your compound a bit. Check out the new Miscellaneous section in the Construction Menu.

4th Of July Decorations (2 July 2012)Edit

Celebrate Independence Day by decorating your compound in patriotic pride. These unique items can be found in the Construction Menu and are only on sale until July 11th.

Defensive Preparations (12 July 2012)Edit

Get prepared for the upcoming Defensive and PVP update by readying your compound with these new barriers. Wooden spikes and barbed wire now in the Construction Menu.

Flags for All (12 July 2012)Edit

Let raiders know who you are and where you're from with an assortment of flags. Now available in the Construction Menu.

Washing Station (19 July 2012)Edit

With the harshness of the road ahead, your survivors will surely need a morale boost. Build the washing station to increase their level of comfort before the storm.

PvP Update (30 July 2012)Edit

Player vs Player combat has been enhanced with cover and suppression systems. Your map of Union City should also be significantly more populated now.

Barricade Improvements (30 July 2012)Edit

Defensive barricades can now be connected to each other. They can also have survivors assigned to them. Fill the gaps in your defenses now!

Get Protected (6 August 2012)Edit

With all this raiding going on, protection services are popping up everywhere. Getting 3 days of Protection is now 33% cheaper. Protection is available from the Fuel Trading Post.

Weapon Balance (10 August 2012)Edit

We've done a damage overhaul on all the weapons to make your Green, Blue and Purple items more valuable. ALL weapons have had a damage reduction. Infected health has dropped to match.

Keycard Pack Sale (21 August 2012)Edit

Key Card packs of all levels are currently 20% off their usual price for a limited time. Unlock HERC supply boxes for random quality loot!

Gold AK-47 On Sale! (31 August 2012)Edit

The ultimate in "Hey look at me" weapons is on sale for a limited time. A whopping 40% off. Be the first on your block to show off some shiny.

Traps (September 18 2012)Edit

Construct traps to better protect your compound from raiders. If you're in a pinch, activate them against the infected for maximum carnage.

Communications System Live (September 18 2012)Edit

The communications system is now live. Build a Radio Receiver, Radio Tower and Two-Way to communicate with your fellow survivors!

Ammunition Supplies Running Out (September 25 2012)Edit

The amount of ammunition available in the Dead Zone is dwindling, rapidly. We might need to start rationing soon. Suggest that you start sharpening your blades and ready your hammers!

Deathmobile Weekend (September 28 2012)Edit

Someone poured something into the Deathmobiles gas tank overnight. Mission return times have been slashed for THIS WEEKEND ONLY.

Go bust some heads and return quicker!

Melee Update (October 8 2012)Edit

High level melee weapons as well as some big changes to the melee mechanics are now in place. Infected now have a chance to knockback survivors so beware!

DPS Calculations Updated (October 8 2012)Edit

The way DPS has been calculated has been fixed to include Reload, Burst and Capacity as factors. This change provides more accurate Damage Per Second estimates for your weapons.

Reduced Return Times (October 11 2012)Edit

Return time for missions have been reduced by 50% - Play more often, run more missions. To balance things out, we've added Rested XP, reduced XP from kills and adjusted loot drops.

Deathmobile Upgrade! (October 11 2012)Edit

You can now upgrade your Deathmobile return vehicle for a one time fee. With this upgrade, you'll reduce ALL of your mission return times by over 90% permanently.

Ammo System Is Live (October 25 2012)Edit

Ammunition is now a necessary resource. You've been given some to start out.


Halloween Weapons (October 25 2012)Edit

All Hallows' Eve is upon us. Introducing the Harvester and Ash's Right Hand. Premium Halloween themed weapons, only available during our Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Decorations (October 25 2012)Edit

Hanging trees, skull piles and pre-filled coffins are all available for trade in the Misc tab of the construction menu. While you're there - check the traps menu too!

Brookvale North Unlocked (October 25 2012)Edit

New high level area for players Level 20+ is now available. Contains 4 new location types including Construction Sites, Subway Stations, Parks and Suburban Streets.

Halloween Weapons 50% Off (October 31 2012)Edit

The Harvester and Ash's Right Hand are now half price to celebrate All Hallows' Eve. Get them at this price until sunrise on November the 1st!

Attention: Dead Zone (November 13 2012)Edit

All survivors are ordered to execute the directive outlined in your tasks list. View your objectives to view Dead Zone tasks.

Thanksgiving Sale - 30% Off All Fuel (November 23 2012)Edit

To celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday all Fuel will be 30% off until November the 25th.

Get in and get your discounted fuel now!

Unique And Rare Items (November 28 2012)Edit

Rare and Unique items have started appearing in the Dead Zone. Weapons and gear of legendary status all with unusual names. Report any finds of this type in the communications channel!

Merry Z-Mas (December 18 2012)Edit

It's Z-Mas time. That means Infected Santa will be coming down your compound chimney soon. He also brought some high level enemy friends.

Dead Zone Task! (December 18 2012)Edit

Everyone needs to seek out the parts for their Z-Mas Tree in time for Z-Mas morning. Otherwise, no presents for anyone! Build the Z-Mas Tree from the Misc tab in the Construction Menu.

Z-Mas Boxes (December 18 2012)Edit

In both the naughty and nice variety. One has a plethora of riches, the other, well it's mostly coal. Complete the Z-Mas Tree Dead Zone Task to get your hands on some free Naughty Z-Mas Keys!

Trading! (December 20 2012)Edit

Player to Player trading is now available. There's a Transport Cost to keep things balanced and stop exploitation. You can start a trade through the Communications System and using the new Trade channel.

Apocalypse in the Apocalypse Sale! (December 21 2012)Edit

Apparently it's the apocalypse is coming, we say it's already here. Get 30% off Fuel for the next 24 hours before the world ends, again!

Merry Z-Mas! Again! (December 22 2012)Edit

We've created a new task to make sure everyone who starts building a Z-Mas tree before December 25 this year gets their gifts! Check your task list!

Half Price Trading (January 8 2013)Edit

The transportation cost for trading has been cut by 50% for the next few days!

Activate your communication system and get into the Trade channel to see if you can find yourself a deal.

The Store (January 10 2013)Edit

The Fuel Trading Post was overrun and is now under new management who've reopened it under the much more sensible name "The Store".

Books Have Arrived! (January 10 2013)Edit

Use the slots in the top left to assign books to your compound. Books can do everything from reduce your return times to increase the number of infected attacks you'll see. Find them in the Dead Zone or The Store now!

Packages! (January 22 2013)Edit

From time to time, Packages will arrive at your Compound. Check them for FREE items as well as premium Packs that contain discounted Fuel and items.

10 New Books! (January 22 2013)Edit

A new selection of books have started appearing in the Dead Zone. Crossing all category (categories,) these books are (a) bit unusual and offer alternatives to the existing books.

New Suburbs (January 23 2013)Edit

Brookvale East and West are now open for high level players. New weapons, new location types and new crafting item(s) are also available.

A Crudely Written Note... (January 31 2013)Edit

A dirty handwritten note was nailed to the compound wall this morning.

"We can make things easier for you and your friends if you just do w(h)at we say."

Another Note... (February 5 2013)Edit

The handwriting looks the same as the last note, once again it's nailed to the wall.

"We will have a proposition for you soon." is scrawled across it.

Yet Another Note... (February 11 2013)Edit

Left in the doorway to your compound, another note.

"It is almost time to light the fire. We will provide the starter". Once again it's signed X.

X's Proposition (February 12 2013)Edit

A hooded and masked figure approaches your compound, this must be the person leaving the notes.

"Destroy the order in this place. Bring down those around you. Start the fire if you're game."

Survivors! (February 14 2013)Edit

This note appears to have been printed, it is slightly faded and partially readable.

"Survivors! We are concerned by the recent actions you have taken, this is not the way forward!"

Active Gear Slot Unlocked! (February 19 2013)Edit

Fragmentation grenades, smoke grenades and explosive charges are now available to find and craft in the Dead Zone.

Right click to activate them when equipped.

Happy 1st Anniversary! (February 22 2013)Edit

Times might be tough, but it's been a year since we started our new life in the Dead Zone.

It's not much but we managed to get a few gifts together.

Anniversary Sale! (February 22 2013)Edit

Most fuel packages are now 30% OFF for a limited time. All discounted Fuel packs come with bonus books!

Get in before they're gone!

F.U.E.L Generator (February 26 2013)Edit

Got some extra resources laying around? The wonderous F.U.E.L Generator is the machine for you. Build it, stock it and wait. Be careful, its output can be stolen in raids!

Bounty Office - Now Open (March 13 2013)Edit

Raiders can now be punished by placing a bounty on their head. Doing so will expose them to the entire Dead Zone.

You can also hunt for bounties to claim the Fuel reward!

No Loot For Failure (March 13 2013)Edit

We've changed the rules for failing missions and raids. If all of your survivors are injured during a raid or a mission, you won't get any of the items or resources taken.

Fuel Bonuses Updated (March 13 2013)Edit

The bonus items for buying fuel have been updated with all new items. Includes a range of exclusive books!

Clothing and Customization (March 20 2013)Edit

Your survivors can now wear clothing items. At the moment, only hats are available.

Find them through supply boxes and packages!

Hats in the Dead Zone (March 21 2013)Edit

There's a selection of hats now being found out in the Dead Zone. They're extremely rare but wearable by any survivor.

A Message From The Foundation (April 10 2013)Edit

A flyer found in the street reads: "Survivors of this great tragedy, we appeal to you today to ask your co-operation. The founding of new structure and order is hard fought and required for our survival."

New Message From The Foundation (April 16 2013)Edit

A printed flyer, held by a dead survivor: "The beacons are the answer, do as instructed, do as you are asked. Safety and deliverance are in your reach."

Construct The Beacon (April 23 2013)Edit

"Find the parts required and construct the Beacon. All able citizens participate. All able citizens will be rewarded." - The Foundation

[Check your Community Tasks]

Notice! (May 3 2013)Edit

"Time is running out for us to complete the beacons. Our scouts suggest parts can be found amongst military equipment. Construct them quickly!" - The Foundation

[Check your Community Tasks]

Injury Update (May 15 2013)Edit

We've changed the way that injuries work. We removed the timers and added a collection of medical items to treat injuries instead. Head out and start scavenging them!

Medical Bench (May 15 2013)Edit

The Medical Bench allows you to craft the new medical items used to treat injuries.

Low grade medical items are free to craft, higher grade items will require some fuel.

Inventory Update (May 15 2013)Edit

We've started updating the inventory screens across the whole game. The update allows for more filtering and an expanded list of item categories.

Item Changes (May 15 2013)Edit

We fixed the calculations for ALL WEAPONS AND GEAR that have modifications to them. The formula now correctly shows the total of their underlying stats instead of an inaccurate number.

Injury Tweaks (May 23 2013)Edit

We've made some changes to high grade Medical Item drop rates, the severities of injuries and the maximum amount of injuries you can get.

Fuel Sale! (May 27 2013)Edit

For this Memorial Day weekend, we've taken 30% OFF most fuel purchases. Stock up now!

Fuel Sale Ending! (May 28 2013)Edit

There's only a short time left to get 30% OFF fuel packages. Get in and stock up before the offer expires!

Recycler Update (May 29 2013)Edit

We've improved the interface on the Recycler to make it easier to get rid of those excess weapons and gear items.

You can now filter items by type, quality, and level.

Brookvale South Now Open (May 31 2013)Edit

This Level 27-30 area is now unlocked and brings with it a bunch of new weapons.

There's also a new Gun Store environment available to help you start your collection off.

Upgrade Your Inventory (May 31 2013)Edit

You can now purchase an upgrade to permanently increase your inventory size from 500 to 1000 item slots.

It's available for cash or fuel and works with all existing inventory improvement Books.

Premium Crafting (May 31 2013)Edit

Don't want your Premium Weapons to go to waste? You can now craft new higher powered versions by using them as a base. Check your Weapons Bench now!

Alliances Stage #1 (June 16 2013)Edit

The first step in Alliances is here! You can now create, join and communicate with other survivors through your Alliance. Get your banner up and start recruiting in the chat!

Alliance Banner (June 16 2013)Edit

In order to access Alliances, you'll need to first build an Alliance Banner Stand to fly that banner high.

You can find it in the General section of the construction menu.

Injury Changes (June 16 2013)Edit

Injuries now heal over time, also getting minor injuries only occur once survivors health goes into the red (below 50% of their total health).

Uncle Sam Pack (July 4 2013)Edit

Show some patriotism with Uncle Sam's hat and beard set. Only available until the 8th of July, 2013. Can be worn by anyone all year round!

4th of July Decorations (July 4 2013)Edit

Celebrate Independence Day by decorating your compound in patriotic pride. These unique items are only on sale until July 8th. Find them in the Misc section of the construction menu.

Compound Doors (July 9 2013)Edit

Increase the security of your compound with these doors. They can only be placed in the compound doorways and can be fired through.

Small Alliance Update (July 9 2013)Edit

We've added the ability to allow Founders to edit your Alliance Banner once for free! We've also added the ability to disband alliances for those who want out.

New Fuel Packages (July 26 2013)Edit

All new fuel packages are now available including exclusive premium clothing. The packages will only [be][1] available for a limited time.

Alliance Ranks (August 1 2013)Edit

Founders of Alliances can now assign and edit ranks within their Alliance. Giving permissions to your members to post on your Alliance Wall, recruit members and issue promotions.

New Weapons and Gear (August 28 2013)Edit

The areas of Pinedale and Brookvale Banks are stocked with new unseen gear and weaponry to add to your arsenal.

Packages Available (August 28 2013)Edit

Check your packages, there's some bundles and ex[c]lusive[1] items available. Weapon bundles and individual Ballistic Masks available!

New Locations (August 28 2013)Edit

Pinedale and Brookvale Banks are now open at level 30 and level 32. There's also two new location types, Depot and Military Base.

Crafting Bench Upgrades (September 2 2013)Edit

Your Weapons Bench and Gear Bench can now be upgraded to level 12. This will allow you to craft and upgrade items up to level 40. New schematics are out in the Dead Zone too!

Happy Labor Day (September 2 2013)Edit

To celebrate your labors in the Dead Zone, we've got 33% OFF Fuel Packages until 12:01 on Tuesday September 3rd.

Alliance Wars Are Here! (September 10 2013)Edit

Compete with other Alliances for top ranks on the War Leaderboard. Work with your alliance members to complete Alliance Tasks and earn Tokens.

Alliance Wars Trials Rounds (September 10 2013)Edit

For the first week, we'll be running test rounds of the Alliance Wars. During these rounds there will not be any Fuel Rewards.

The War For Fuel Begins (September 16 2013)Edit

Alliance Wars are now in full swing. You'll have 2 weeks to compete for Fuel rewards, complete War Tasks and gain War Boosts through spending Tokens.

Raid Return Weekend (October 11 2013)Edit

Raid Returns will take a maximum of 1.5 hours for this weekend only! Finish this War Round in a flurry and leave a trail of destruction in your wake!

Alliance War - Rule Changes (October 14 2013)Edit

You can't lose points from raids now, so raid without fear. New rules for Abandoning and Alliance wide lockouts for attacks to stop scouting.

Halloween is Here! (October 21 2013)Edit

It's that time of year again, where the Dead Zone gets that little bit extra... strange. New Treacherous Trick or Treat Trunks, limited time Halloween Premium Crafting and more!

Halloween Packages (October 21 2013)Edit

Grab the Huge Halloween Hamper or pick up Halloween limited time clothing items individually. Dead Zone mostly has your costume needs covered. Mostly.

Medical Item Bug (October 25 2013)Edit

We had a serious bug which caused players to lose all of the medical items they used to heal an injury! To apologize, we're giving some items and fuel to all players over level 6. We've also doubled the drop rate of medical items for a while.

Free Medical Recovery Package (October 25 2013)Edit

Check your packages for your Free Medical Recovery Pack if you're level 6 or above. The packages are scaled based on your level. Again, we're really sorry about the loss of these items.

Lucifer's Trident (October 29 2013)Edit

This satanic skewer is now available for crafting at high levels. Only available to craft for a limited time, gather your Haunted Metal!

Halloween Fuel Sale Tomorrow! (October 30 2013)Edit

We'll have some exclusive Halloween Packages available tomorrow that include discounted fuel and some new Halloween hats!

Halloween Fuel Packages (October 31 2013)Edit

We've got discounted Fuel, New Clothing, and items bundled up for you. Happy Halloween and check your packages!

Halloween Hunt (Community Task) (October 31 2013)Edit

The spread of evil is strong this Halloween. Band together and hunt Evil Pumpkin Head Infected to claim some free Keys! Check your Dead Zone tasks!

Halloween Crafting Re-Do! (November 19 2013)Edit

Some players had trouble with their limited time crafting of Halloween items last week, so we've brought them back for 3 more days. Last chance to craft these!

Happy Thanksgiving! (November 28 2013)Edit

30% Off Fuel and Thanksgiving Hats now available. Check your Packages for more details!

Happy Z-Mas! (December 19 2013)Edit

It's Z-Mas time! Check your packages for new clothing as well as a FREE gift from us here at Con Artist Games as a thankyou for being part of the Dead Zone.

Z-Mas Gift Hunt! (December 19 2013)Edit

Collect the gifts that Infected Santa has dropped in his undead stupor. There's keys and a gift in it if everyone pitches in!

Z-Mas Crafting (December 19 2013)Edit

Oversized Candy Cane or an Explosive Z-Mas decoration tickle your fancy? Check the crafting menu for limited time schematics!

Vintage Weapons (December 19 2013)Edit

We've made new, higher level versions of a large number of weapons. As a result, the old versions are now marked as Vintage. There's no change to stats, just a new Vintage tag. Items marked as Vintage won't drop anymore.

Winter Update (February 5 2014)Edit

It's still cold outside. Best stay warm. There's an updated Store, three new suburbs to explore, new Maps, new Weapons and new Schematics to keep you busy!

2 Year Anniversary Weekend! (February 21 2014)Edit

Dead Zone is all grown up now. To celebrate, we've got a Birthday Box and Birthday Card-Key for you. Check your packages to claim yours now!

Birthday Hats (February 21 2014)Edit

To celebrate, we're having a Cowboy Fairy Princess Unicorn Pirate Robot Party. Check the store for hats and a sale on the 22nd!

Survivor Updates (February 26 2014)Edit

You can now re-spec your Leader's stats. Your survivors also have voices, you can change them as well as your survivors gender and skin tone now!

Improved Raid Log (February 26 2014)Edit

We've added much more detail to raid reports, including an export function which will give you the report in image format. Full details of your attackers and actions are now shown!

Long XP Weekend (March 14 2014)Edit

Get +50% MORE XP from killing infected this slightly extended weekend only. Enjoy!

Long Rifle and PvP Changes (March 24 2014)Edit

Alliance Wars will be taking 2 week break while we introduce some changes to Long Rifles, Suppression and Raiding AI. Check the forum for details -

Alton (April 16 2014)Edit

High level players can now access Alton, a suburb on the east coastline of the Dead Zone. The suburbs meets with industry and urban constructions.

Warren Has Brought Discounts (April 18 2014)Edit

Meet "Warren". He's brought discount fuel with him. Check the store for cheap fuel and your very own Warren masks.

New Map Variants (May 15 2014)Edit

New map variants are now available for Suburban Street, Construction Site, Highway, Warehouse, Department Stores, Streets, Military Bases and Depots!

Old Map Re-Vamp (May 15 2014)Edit

We've done a pass over all 40+ of the existing maps to update them with newer search items and new decorations. It's like a whole new city, kind of.

New Fuel Bundles (May 27 2014)Edit

We've updated the Fuel bundles for the first time in 6 months, check out the new bonus items on offer including a collection of new clothing items.

Speed Week (June 2 2014)Edit

Return times for Missions and Raids are capped at a maximum of 2 hours this week. Hurry, ends June 9.

Infamous Items (June 17, 2014)Edit

Collect Infamous Components from breaking down Uniques and Rares & find some Infamous Notes in the Dead Zone to start crafting them today!

4th of July Week (July 2, 2014)Edit

Collect American Alloy and craft yourself the 2nd Ammendment, [sic] an improvised minigun and boombox and Lady Liberty a full size replica of the famous torch!

Raiding Practice (July 2, 2014)Edit

You can now practice raiding against your own compound. Practicing is free and harmless and you'll be fighting against clones of your own survivors.

Infected Bounty Masks (August 12, 2014)Edit

Over Level 10? Complete Infected Bounties for a chance to get exclusive Bounty Ballistic Masks. They're not available anywhere else!

Make Your Own Luck (August 19, 2014)Edit

Did you know manual missions now have an increased chance at finding quality Weapons and Gear? Well they do. You can even attempt an Infected Bounty while you loot!

New Infamous Items (August 29, 2014)Edit

Time to put some infected in their place. Rasputin, Vanguard and Boomstick are new infamous items now available to craft at level 30+

Fall Sale (September 8, 2014)Edit

We're celebrating the falling of leaves and man alike with discounted Fuel bundles. Check your packages!

Limited Time Only!

We Will Speak Soon (October 16, 2014)Edit

I will occupy your precious time soon. Await my return.

I Have A Task For You (October 17, 2014)Edit

I need you all to show me that you are ready to ascend. Collect the artefacts of the Hallowed and I will help you in your preparation. [Dead Zone Community Task Now Active]

Well Done (October 19, 2014)Edit

Most of you have done well to meet my demands. For those who have not there is little time. For when the time comes, those who followed will be rewarded.

Replica Bundle of Halloween Past (October 23, 2014)Edit

We've bundled up a collection of last Halloweens [sic] dress ups and put them in a pack for you. Only available for a limited time!

Build The Hallowed Shrine (October 24, 2014)Edit

It is time for you to honor the Hallowed. This will bring you closer to them. All of you must build the Hallowed Shrine! [Dead Zone Community Task Now Active]

Individual War Rewards (November 18, 2014)Edit

Fight for your Alliance and for yourself. All War Points you earn during the war will count towards an individual reward. The more War Points you score, the higher tier the reward!

Thanksgiving Sale! (November 27, 2014)Edit

We've got discounted fuel bundles in your packages. Happy turkey day!

Z-Mas is here! (December 17, 2014)Edit

We've got a FREE festive cap for everyone, check your packages! There's also lots of crafting and things to find out in the Dead Zone. Happy Z-Mas!

Location Updates (February 3, 2015)Edit

We've added around 30 new location variants across all types so there's more variety on missions! We also introduced some smaller variations to lower levels and some larger locations to higher levels.

Crafting Kits (April 30, 2015)Edit

Head out to the Dead Zone to track down crafting kits that you can add to your craft schematics to enhance them. Extra damage, extra protection.

Reporting System (June 22, 2015)Edit

To help with chat moderation, we've added a Report Comment option to the communications system. This will send a report for our team to investigate.

The Raid on Union Island (July 27, 2015)Edit

The time has come for level 50 players. Load up 5 survivors, prepare for the unexpected and be careful!

Arrows! (August 17, 2015)Edit

Got a bow that needs a little bit more kick? Track down arrows that can be equipped in your Gear slot to deal more damage, fire further and fly truer!

New Inventory Upgrades (August 24, 2015)Edit

You can now purchase additional Inventory Upgrades. Collectors of the Dead Zone, you can now expand your inventory up to 2000 slots total!

Better Infected Bounty Rewards (September 26, 2015)Edit

We've finally improved the rewards for completing Infected Bounties. Less ammo and medical supplies, more chances to get items like Premium Keys and even Rare weapons and gear!

New Infamous Items (October 5, 2015)Edit

There are 4 new Infamous items available to craft! Designed for levels 15-25 they include, a [sic] custom assault mask, vest, submachine gun and shoes!

Communications Update (October 12, 2015)Edit

We've added a new Recruiting channel for players who are looking to join an Alliance and existing Alliance members looking to recruit. Also, there's a new Veterans public chat room available for level 50+ accessible via the /ls command.

Hello Again (October 14, 2015)Edit

"I've prepared something special for you creations are already in the zone waiting for you...enjoy."

New Crafting Items! (October 14, 2015)Edit

"I have brought you the schematics you need to defeat Mr. X. Gather the parts from the Zone and assemble these, furious warrior!"

Defeat the Berzerkers (October 19, 2015)Edit

There's only a short amount of time left to participate in the Dead Zone task to take down the Berzerkers. Pitch in and do your part!

Mr.X's Reserves (October 23, 2015)Edit

We've spotted gargantuan creatures that have to be the reserves that Mr.X was talking about. Be careful out there!

Mags of Mayhem (October 27, 2015)Edit

Ivan has supplied us with the plans to a new type of trap, the Mag of Mayhem. Build one to contribute to the Dead Zone task and earn a reward!

Halloween Fuel Sale (October 31, 2015)Edit

Check your packages for discounted fuel and Halloween items. There's also a short time left to get your hands on the Halloween bundles!

Research Update (November 19, 2015)Edit

Build a research bench, search the Dead Zone for rare Research items and get to work improving your compound and equipment!

There's so much science to be done!

Thanksgiving Sale (November 26, 2015)Edit

Our Thanksgiving sale is now on! Get your hands on discounted fuel and turkey for a limited time. Sale ends November 28 - 7am UTC.

Raid on Union Island - Second Wave (December 2, 2015)Edit

There are 8 new map variants, 5 new guns and 3 new sets of body armor waiting for you on Union Island. Get raiding!

Superior Active Gear (December 2, 2015)Edit

We've obtained schematics to enhance our existing standard issue grenades. Check your Gear Bench for details.

Kill Counters (December 2, 2015)Edit

New found weapons will have a small chance of having a Kill Counter attached to them. The counters will track either Survivor or Infected kills and will stay with the weapon for life!

The Great Z-Mas Hunt (December 15, 2015)Edit

Hunters of the Dead Zone, it's time to celebrate Z-Mas, hunting style. Gather the parts to build your Z-Mas Hunt Mount and take down some Z-Mas infected while you're at it.

Find War Targets Easier! (February 22, 2016)Edit

You can now find Individual War Targets through the War page. Targets are much easier to find and we hope it'll make the War experience better for everyone!

Points only available through these lists. Manual reload on raids has been disabled.

New Clothing! (March 15, 2016)Edit

Outfit your survivors with some of the 50 clothing options now available. You can find some in the Dead Zone, in boxes and in the store.

It's time to survive in style!

Super Alliance War (May 23, 2016)Edit

The round starting May 22nd/23rd will be a Super Alliance War. We have doubled the prize pool and doubled the number of players in the winning alliances that will earn fuel!

Clothing Bundles (May 27, 2016)Edit

Check your packages for new clothing bundles! These and many more will only be available in these fuel priced bundles for a short time!

Elite Infected (June 14, 2016)Edit

Starting at level 15, you will very occasionally run into Elite Infected. They are stronger and more deadly than any you've seen so far! Kill them to earn some fuel and Infamous Trophies or Components!

New Infamous Items (June 14, 2016)Edit

Four new high end Infamous items have been added to the crafting benches. They all require Infamous Trophies, which you can earn by killing the new Elite Infected.

Freedom Week (July 1, 2016)Edit

Presented by Woody Hackett, beloved TV host and Union City native. He's got a collection of items for you to find and craft to celebrate Independence Day.

The Yankee Doodle (July 1, 2016)Edit

Check your crafting benches for new plans to some time limited crafts. The Yankee Doodle and the Golden Liberty are now available to level 10 and above!

Freedom Fuel Sale (July 4, 2016)Edit

Check your packages for 30% OFF fuel and item bundles. These packages are only available for a limited time and include some exclusive items, don't miss out!

HERC Prototypes (August 6, 2016)Edit

Starting with the HERC-BODYARMOR-1 prototype, there will be new premium crafts available periodically. For this first prototype, Prototype Parts Boxes can be randomly earned by completing LVL 50+ infected bounties and on the Island raid.

Terror Dome Now Open! (September 22, 2016)Edit

Come to the stadium for the greatest show in the Dead Zone. Your host Woody Hackett has prepared a new type of challenge for you and a chance at some great prizes!

Tech Terror (October 20, 2016)Edit

HERC scientests [sic] have been experimenting for years with biological and mechanical integration. The result is a series of EXO items for you to craft!

EXO-RIGS (October 20, 2016)Edit

Collect EXO Parts Caches in the Dead Zone to start crafting your own exoskeleton gear that enhances abilities and survivability.

It's Time for Taking (December 14, 2016)Edit

Raider Compounds have appeared on your map! These are AI controlled enemies and they've got the Stolen Seasonal Steel that you need to save Z-Mas!

Z-Mas in the Terror Dome (December 21, 2016)Edit

Woody is in full Z-Mas spirit with his special guest hunter, ZANTA! Run the Terror Dome for a chance at an exclusive Z-Mas themed prize box.

New Prize Boxes (January 16, 2017)Edit

When you complete the Terror Dome, Island Raid or Infected Bounties, you'll now have a chance of getting an "Unusual Crafts Box". They come in 3 varieties and contain RARE or UNIQUE versions of crafted weapons!

5th Birthday (February 21, 2017)Edit

Can you believe it? To celebrate DZ's 5th birthday, we've got gifts, some blast from the past Bootleg versions of old event crafts, oh and SALES! Check your packages and crafting bench for details!

Death Mobile Sale (February 21, 2017)Edit

For the first and maybe last time ever, the DMU is on sale at 50% OFF. Now is your chance if you don't already own it!

Tactics Manuals (April 3, 2017)Edit

There's a new type of book for you to craft and use, Tactics Manuals! You can find the parts by recycling your un-used books or in reward boxes.

Level up your tactics planning skill by crafting Tactics Manuals!

Rabbit Season (April 12, 2017)Edit

Buck is here and he's brought some new goodies from trusted outdoors manufacturers Manning and Skogr. Just in time for Rabbit Season, you can craft these on your bench for a limited time!

Buck in the Terror Dome (April 20, 2017)Edit

Head to the Terror Dome to take on Buck for a limited time. There's Rabbit Season related hauls available to help your crafts along!

High Activity Zones (May 25, 2017)Edit

HERC will now mark High Activity Zones on your map periodically. More infected, better loot and highly dangerous!

Freedom Week (July 2, 2017)Edit

Gear up and exercise your freedom this week with new weapon crafts and a new vest. Check your packages for crafting materials and replicas of last year's Revolution items.

Expansion Update - Part 1 (August 28, 2017)Edit

Level up to 60, unlock new locations to explore. Find new gear, new weapons and complete new tasks! There's more to come, so stay tuned.

Undead Blitz - First Wave! (October 17, 2017)Edit

The moon is rising and so are the dead. We've unlocked weaponry from a bygone era from beneath the city. Arm up and get ready!

Undead Blitz - Second Wave (October 25, 2017)Edit

The moon has peaked. Undead super soldiers have emerged. We have rebirthed 4 new crafts to help aid you! Search for Reborn Remnants to fight them back!

Bench Upgrades (November 6, 2017)Edit

You can finally upgrade your level 55+ equipment with new bench upgrades now available! Check your weapon and gear benches for details.

Water Tech (November 20, 2017)Edit

We've found a way to gather water more effectively. Mostly through stopping leaks, but it'll take some upgrading to get our collectors up to speed.

Black Turkey Sale (November 23, 2017)Edit

Well. We burned the turkey again. I guess we'll have to save the day with some Black Friday / Turkey Day sales. Check your packages! Only available for a limited time!

Water Drops (November 27, 2017)Edit

We've tweaked the amount of locations that water will turn up in to make your water hauls a little weightier. Let us know if you're seeing increased supply in the forums!

Operation Whiteout (December 18, 2017)Edit

Operation Whiteout has begun! Lots of time limited crafts as well as some new permanent crafts. Check back later in the week for some more Z-Mas madness.

Z-Mas in the Terror Dome (December 21, 2017)Edit

Woody has brought back the Z-Mas cheer to the Terror Dome along with a 50% OFF the entry fee for the holiday period! Play for a chance to win some Z-Mas items!

Anniversary Sales (February 21, 2018)Edit

To celebrate Dead Zone's anniversary, we've got discounted DMU's and Fuel for you all. There's also a gift in your packages for you! All for a limited time only.

Unique & Infamous (March 15, 2018)Edit

We've added 16 existing items to the Unique and Rare possibilities at low to mid levels as well as a handful of new Infamous items for higher level survivors!

Improved Reward Boxes (May 14, 2018)Edit

Elite, War, Infected Bounty, Terror Dome and Tactics Caches have all had their rewards improved. Check the forums for more details!

Outbreak - Convicts & Criminals (May 24, 2018)Edit

The generators at the prisons finally gave out and infected crims are out. Gear up with new prison improved weapons!

Island Raid Reward Changes (June 18, 2018)[confirmation needed]Edit

We've made it so our LVL 56+ players won't get lower level guaranteed rewards anymore, increasing your chances of getting that item you wanted from your Raid Hauls!

Freedom Month - Week 1 (July 4, 2018)Edit

The month long celebration of freedom has begun in the Zone! Check back during July for updates, more crafts and bargains!

Freedom Month - Week 2 (July 11, 2018)Edit

To kick things off, there's patriotic clothing for all to craft. Keep an eye out later this week for more gear to build!

Freedom Month - Week 3 (July 20, 2018)Edit

Three new head wear items and Constitutional Cartridge Bolts are now available to craft. Stock up your gear closet and use up the components you've got left over!

Freedom Month - Last Chance Weekend (July 27, 2018)Edit

The final batch of crafts is coming with the next maintenance but for now - here's a final chance to craft ALL of the items that were available this month. This weekend only!

Freedom Month Ends in a Few Days (July 30, 2018)Edit

We've brought back a Freedom favourite with The Golden Amendment. It's boosted a little and much shinier than it's [sic] original. You can also raise your Spartan and Punk spirit with a new sword and vest!

Undead Thunder (October 28, 2018)Edit

There's only a short time left to craft items during the Undead Thunder. All items have been brought back until all Hallows Eve for one last chance to get them!

Winter Wasteland (December 20, 2018)Edit

The cold is here. Prepare yourself with some new weapons & gear over the winter period. Stims are here to help boost your survivors on missions. Z-Mas cheer is also here!

Merry Z-Mas (December 20, 2018)Edit

Check your packages for some free gifts from the Dead Zone. Z-Mas is part of the Winter Wasteland festival, stay tuned for more!

STIMS Trial (December 20, 2018)Edit

New to the Wasteland are a new type of Active Gear, STIMS. We are trialing some initial recipes during the winter period. Find the components in the zone and get your survivors boosted.

Shipping Error (January 8, 2019)Edit

With all this snow around, the supply of PREMIUM winter boxes were delayed. As a result, they will now drop until the middle of February. A slightly modified version will also drop after the event also. [sic]

The Hunt (April 20, 2019)Edit

The resurrection of the dead, strange rabbits and a rise in survivor activity has caught the attention of the HUNT (Homeland Urgent Neutralization Team). Track down their parts and prepare for the hunt.

New Infamous Items (June 17, 2019) Edit

Hunt down Elites to collect their skulls and craft 5 new Infamous items that are now on your benches.

Freedom Month (July 4, 2019)Edit

Freedom Fighters are here for Freedom Month in the Dead Zone! Check back for WEEKLY UPDATES during July.

Freedom Month - Week 2 (July 11, 2019)Edit

Some tactical gear has hit your crafting benches. Pistol, melee and a new vest are all up for crafting once you find some notes the Militia left around.

Freedom Month - Week 3 (July 18, 2019)Edit

Camoflaged and combat ready clothing for your survivors. The camoflage cloth is dropping out in the Zone so get gathering.

Freedom Month - Last Chance (July 26, 2019)Edit

All crafts from this Freedom Month are now available again for a short time. Last chance to craft these items!

Lords of Heresy (October 17, 2019)Edit

Dark lords have emerged from beneath the zone to retake what is theres. Seek their artefacts and create your answer to these creatures of chaos!

Operation Snowstorm (December 20, 2019)Edit

As the cold sets in, plans for HERC weapons and extreme weather gear have been found. Check back in early 2020 for more winter updates!

Operation Snowstorm Continues (January 10, 2020)Edit

Schematics for a variant of the Snowstorm helmets have been found, along with stims and plans that we've reconfigured from previous winters.

The HUNT (April 19, 2020)Edit

Once again survivor activity has caught the attention of the HUNT (Homeland Urgent Neutralization Team). They've brought with them new weaponry to fight survivors and infected alike.


  • Crafting Now Available!
  • New Crafting Items Available
  • Fuel Drop Increase
  • Achievements and Tasks Fixed
  • New Achievements Available
  • Fuel Trading Post: Battle Axe
  • Apocalyptic Styling
  • 4th Of July Decorations
  • Defensive Preparations
  • Flags for All
  • Washing Station
  • PvP Update
  • Barricade Improvements
  • Get Protection
  • Weapon Balance
  • Keycard Pack Sale
  • Gold AK-47 On Sale!
  • Traps
  • Communications System Live
  • Ammunition Supplies Running Out
  • Deathmobile Weekend
  • Melee Update
  • DPS Calculations Updated
  • Reduced Return Times
  • Deathmobile Upgrade!
  • Ammo System Is Live
  • Halloween Weapons
  • Halloween Decorations
  • Brookvale North Unlocked
  • Halloween Weapons 50% Off
  • Attention: Dead Zone
  • Thanksgiving Sale - 30% Off All Fuel
  • Unique And Rare Items
  • Merry Z-Mas
  • Dead Zone Task!
  • Z-Mas Boxes
  • Trading!
  • Apocalypse in the Apocalypse Sale!
  • Merry Z-Mas! Again!
  • Half Price Trading
  • The Store
  • Books Have Arrived!
  • Packages!
  • 10 New Books!
  • New Suburbs
  • A Crudely Written Note...
  • Another Note...
  • Yet Another Note...
  • X's Proposition
  • Survivors!
  • Active Gear Slot Unlocked!
  • Happy 1st Anniversary!
  • Anniversary Sale!
  • F.U.E.L Generator
  • Bounty Office - Now Open
  • No Loot For Failure
  • Fuel Bonuses Updated
  • Clothing and Customization
  • Hats in the Dead Zone
  • A Message From The Foundation
  • New Message From The Foundation
  • Construct The Beacon
  • Notice!
  • Injury Update
  • Medical Bench
  • Inventory Update
  • Item Changes
  • Injury Tweaks
  • Fuel Sale!
  • Fuel Sale Ending!
  • Recycler Update
  • Brookvale South Now Open
  • Upgrade Your Inventory
  • Premium Crafting
  • Alliances Stage #1
  • Alliance Banner
  • Injury Changes
  • Uncle Sam Pack
  • Compound Doors
  • Small Alliance Update
  • New Fuel Packages
  • Alliance Ranks
  • New Weapons and Gear
  • Packages Available
  • New Locations
  • Crafting Bench Upgrades
  • Happy Labor Day
  • Alliance Wars Are Here!
  • Alliance Wars Trials Rounds
  • The War For Fuel Begins
  • Raid Return Weekend
  • Alliance War - Rule Changes
  • Halloween is Here!
  • Halloween Packages
  • Medical Item Bug
  • Free Medical Recovery Package
  • Lucifer's Trident
  • Halloween Fuel Sale Tomorrow!
  • Halloween Fuel Packages!
  • Halloween Hunt (Community Task)
  • Halloween Crafting Re-Do!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Z-Mas!
  • Z-Mas Gift Hunt!
  • Z-Mas Crafting
  • Vintage Weapons
  • Winter Update
  • 2 Year Anniversary Weekend!
  • Survivor Updates
  • Improved Raid Log
  • Long XP Weekend
  • Long Rifle and PvP Changes
  • Alton
  • Warren Has Brought Discounts
  • New Map Variants
  • Old Map Re-Vamp
  • New Fuel Bundles
  • Speed Week
  • Infamous Items
  • 4th of July Week
  • Raiding Practice
  • Infected Bounty Masks
  • Make Your Own Luck
  • New Infamous Items
  • Fall Sale
  • We Will Speak Soon, I Have A Task For You, and Well Done
  • Replica Bundle of Halloween Past
  • Build The Hallowed Shrine
  • Individual War Rewards
  • Thanksgiving sale!
  • Z-Mas is here!
  • Location Updates
  • Crafting Kits
  • Reporting System
  • The Raid on Union Island
  • Arrows!
  • New Inventory Upgrades
  • Better Infected Bounty Rewards
  • New Infamous Items
  • Communications Update
  • Hello Again
  • New Crafting Items!
  • Defeat the Berzerkers
  • Mr.X's Reserves
  • Mags of Mayhem
  • Halloween Fuel Sale
  • Research Update
  • Thanksgiving Sale
  • Raid on Union Island - Second Wave
  • Superior Active Gear
  • Kill Counters
  • The Great Z-Mas Hunt
  • Find War Targets Easier!
  • New Clothing!
  • Super Alliance War
  • Clothing Bundles
  • Elite Infected
  • New Infamous Items
  • Freedom Week
  • The Yankee Doodle
  • Freedom Fuel Sale
  • HERC Prototypes
  • Terror Dome Now Open!
  • Tech Terror
  • It's Time for Taking
  • Z-Mas in the Terror Dome
  • New Prize Boxes
  • 5th Birthday
  • Death Mobile Sale
  • Tactics Manuals
  • Rabbit Season
  • Buck in the Terror Dome
  • High Activity Zones
  • Freedom Week
  • Expansion Update - Part 1
  • Undead Blitz - First Wave!
  • Undead Blitz - Second Wave
  • Bench Upgrades
  • Water Tech
  • Black Turkey Sale
  • Water Drops
  • Operation Whiteout
  • Z-Mas in the Terror Dome
  • Anniversary Sales
  • Unique & Infamous
  • Improved Reward Boxes
  • Outbreak - Convicts & Criminals
  • Island Raid Reward Changes
  • Freedom Month - Week 1
  • Freedom Month - Week 2
  • Freedom Month - Update 3
  • Freedom Month - Last Chance Weekend
  • Freedom Month Ends in a Few Days
  • Undead Thunder
  • Winter Wasteland
  • Merry Z-Mas
  • STIMS Trial
  • Shipping Error
  • The Hunt


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