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A Deathmobile, parked in the player's compound.

The Deathmobile is a vehicle featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


All known compounds in the Dead Zone have one of these two-seat, compact and customized muscle cars present, though the scarcity of fuel tends to limit their use. Each one has been outfitted with armor plating, allowing them to plow through zombie hordes with ease, though they'll probably need some maintenance (and cleaning) afterwards.


The Deathmobile can be used to speed up the return of survivor teams from a mission, but must be fed with fuel before it can do so. It is otherwise merely a cosmetic item, and can only be moved around the compound. However, it does impede the movement of both zombies and human raiders, and can be used as a makeshift barricade depending on where it is positioned.


The Deathmobile can be upgraded with a one time payment of 30 US Dollars (real cash only, not fuel), which will cause all mission return times to be reduced to 5 minutes for manual missions and 10 minutes for automated missions. Raids will not be affected by this upgrade and will take the same amount of time as before. It also changes the appearance of the Deathmobile and allows it to be renamed.


  • The Deathmobile is likely based on an older American car, like the 1967 Cadillac Eldorado, Chevrolet Opala, Plymouth Duster, or Dodge Charger R/T.
  • The name is probably a reference to the modified car of the same name in the movie Animal House.
  • The armor plating consists of sheets of scrap metal covering the side and rear windows, as well as some metal pipes over the windshield.
  • The Deathmobile is one of the only selectable objects in the compound that can't be dismantled, with the others being a Rally Flag if it's the only one left, and the Alliance Banner if the compound is currently in an alliance.
  • The Deathmobile does not disappear from the compound when it is used to speed up mission returns. Depending on the time remaining and the amount of fuel used, it can also return survivors instantaneously.
  • If a mission with less than 5 minutes return time remaining is sped up, no fuel will be used in doing so.
    • This means that, with the Deathmobile Upgrade, all manual missions can be sped up instantly for free.
  • It has no trouble with speeding up mission returns for survivor teams consisting of more than two people, despite only having two seats.
  • Even if there are no survivors left at the compound to drive it, the car can still drive to the survivors' location and pick up passengers when speeding up returns.
  • To date, the Deathmobile is the only usable vehicle in The Last Stand series.