Tlsdz department store
Department Store

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

Level calculation

Same as area



The Department Store is a type of location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Large store, mix of goods.


Department stores have been providing a large variety of goods since the 18th century, and, in addition to the many jobs they provided, were also very popular and convenient amongst customers. Department stores suffered greatly when suburban shopping malls were constructed, but in many cities, downtown department stores are making a comeback. Any survivor headed downtown should stop by and take a look, there's something for everyone.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The level of this building is always equal to the area it is located in.


The 4 zombies spawns present in Variant A are widely spread out across this large map and tend to be located near the various containers. Splitting up the group to cover all of them should only be done if there is enough manpower and firepower available. If that is not feasible, move from container to container while positioning survivors to cover the designated scavenger.

Variant B contains 6 zombie spawns — one near the stairs in the middle, one in the electronics section, one in the furniture section, one in the clothing section, one in the grocery section, and one next to the south exit zone. Keep an eye on the zombie spawns close to the scavenger's location to avoid being taken by surprise.

For both variants, the large, open spaces throughout the map make long and assault rifles the best option.


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