Not to be confused with Dock.
Docksmap sdw

The Docks as it appears on the Union City map

The Docks are a section of Union City in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

This is where the player encounters Jack, the protagonist from the previous games in the series. He will give you a quest which will unlock Waterside and allow you to continue the storyline. It is also where soldier zombies make their first appearance.

It has a danger level of 16.

Docksinterior sdw

The dockyard at the Docks Office

Merchant StreetEdit

  • Warehouse, an unsafe storage facility. Contains nothing, barring skilled/lucky finds.
  • Abandoned Office, an unsafe office building. Contains an ammo stockpile and a Note. Apparently, the building used to be a safe haven for survivors, since the note indicates that a man named Eli used to live there, and planned to make survivors who wished to stay there "pay up," either with supplies or Cash

North Wharf RoadEdit

Seaside DriveEdit

  • Docks Office, an unsafe office. Contains a key to the locked door to the right and some food. Exit through that door and head right through the dockyard, and you'll find a shipping container that contains an RPG and some RPG Rounds.

Union Island BridgeEdit

  • This road leads to Union Island, but until you complete a Quest, it will be blocked off by an impenetrable wall.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit


The Docks as it appears in TLS:DZ.

It unlocks when the Leader reaches Level 15.