Tlsuc docks office

Entrance to the Docks Office

The Docks Office[n 1] is a small office building located in the Docks, a section of Union City, in The Last Stand: Union City.


  • Office - Contains some food and a key to the door at the right which leads onto the shipping yard. The door can be lockpicked.
  • Shipping yard - At the very right, there will be a shipping container with an RPG and 6 RPG Rounds.


  • It can be presumed that the RPG was smuggled illegally into the city via the shipping container, since the military does not use the RPG and it is impossible for civilians to legally acquire the weapon.


  1. Its name can only be revealed by going inside the building, pausing the game, and looking at the top-left of the screen



Interior of the office

Docksinterior sdw

The dockyards

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