EXO Helm T-05
Replica EXO Helm T-05
2017 Undead Blitz version
EXO Helm T-05

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


+15% Ranged Combat
+22.5% Suppression Resistance


Supply Boxes

The EXO Helm T-05 is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Prototype helmet designed to aid the wearer in ranged combat.


In an ambitious project to vastly improve upon the existing standard issue face masks, HERC invested hundreds of hours into researching and developing a revolutionary new helmet that would not only protect the wearer from facial and head injury during combat, but also aid them in the offensive. What resulted was a helmet with a HUD — almost akin to a video game — that highlighted vulnerable body parts and offered live targeting that helped improve the wielder's effectiveness in ranged combat. Though the software often crashed and the mask hot and uncomfortable to wear, HERC ordered several hundred prototypes to be tested out in the field.


In addition to altering a survivor's appearance, they provide a 15% bonus to Ranged Combat and 22.5% bonus to Suppression Resistance.

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