EXO Rigs

EXO Rigs are a special type of passive gear featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They were introduced as part of the 2016 Halloween event.


"Years of development went into the construction of EXO Rigs to aid HERC agents with all forms of combat and survivability. The components were dropped into the Dead Zone in EXO Parts Caches. We can find them, we can make use of the tools they planned to use against us."[1]


EXO Rigs are special exoskeleton rigs geared towards certain skills. The EXOs increase certain stats but can only be crafted using specifically-designed components. All EXOs can be upgraded to 10 levels higher than their base and cannot be traded.

Aside from that, there are certain undersuits and helmets that, along with rigs, provide benefits to both melee and ranged combat.

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Undead Blitz updateEdit

In 2017, as part of the "Second Wave" of the Undead Blitz update, replica EXO items were released and could be obtained by purchasing the "Tech Terror Replicas - Clothing" ($6.90 USD) and the "Tech Terror Replicas - Gear" ($14.90 USD) packages. The EXO clothing replicas have identical stats to the original items they imitate, while the EXO gear items have increased stats.




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