Effective Range (formerly known as Range) is a weapon statistic in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


The effective range of a weapon determines how far away a target must be for the weapon to be reasonably accurate at hitting. The effective range for projectile weapons is indicated during a mission by a circle consisting of white dashes surrounding the wielder of the weapon. Survivors will automatically fire upon zombies that are within this circle provided that they had been alerted by an uninfected person's presence and as long as there are no obstacles that can block shots in the way. The greater a weapon's effective range, the bigger this circle will be. Players can manually direct survivors to attack a zombie that is outside of the effective range circle, in which case the accuracy of the shots are greatly reduced.

Melee weapons have an effective range as well, although wielders will not have the effective range circle surrounding them. Much like projectile weapons, the effective range of a melee weapon determines how far away a target must be before a survivor can attack it. If the player directs a survivor to attack a target that is outside of the weapon's effective range, the survivor will automatically move towards that target in order to get within range.

Glasses extend a projectile weapon's effective range, although it has no effect on melee weapons. Several weapon attachments and conditions can influence the effective range of both projectile and melee weapons. A survivor's range is also boosted if they are in a Watchtower.

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