Electronic Scrap

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Electronic Scrap is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Scrap pieces of electronics, mostly old computer parts.


Whatever the gobble-di-gook of colorful metal that is hidden inside your computer is called, it certainly serves an important purpose even if you don't know how its done. When activated, trillions of electrons scurried around, controlled by billions of transistors that equaled a one or zero. Complex combinations of ones and zeroes formed the beautiful image on your screen, or the game you're playing, or the essay you're writing. It was busy, working hard to make your computer do its amazing things. Now it's a cold, lifeless piece of metal, waiting for a resurrection to be used again.

Electronic scrap can be sold to scrap buyers, and can be reused or recycled to get the precious materials out of them.

Used forEdit

Recycling productsEdit

  • Metal x 5

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