For the occupation in The Last Stand Union City, see Engineer (Occupation).
Engineer MF TLS-DZ
Class Info
Weapon Specialization Improvised Weapons
Bonuses High Improvised Combat
Highest Melee Combat
High Health
Highest Trap Disarming
Penalties Low Ranged Combat
Special Ability None

The Engineer is a class available for survivors in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced in Info File #3.


Engineers are your experts in anything technical or improvised. Their knowledge of crafted weapons makes them deadly when wielding them. They're also your best choice when it comes to disarming traps.


The Dead Zone is filled with scraps and junk, all that is left over after months of looting. These ingenious problem solvers can turn these widely varying materials into working weapons, as well as wield the results effectively.

Putting together improvised weapons is both mentally and physically demanding, and they tend to be both physically fit and practiced at striking things as a result. Also, their familiarity with the construction of improvised weapons makes them quite skilled in their use. Knowledge of how to put things together also helps with dismantling them, making them excellent at disarming traps.

However, all this leaves them with little time to practice their marksmanship with regular firearms. They will require support from those who do, who in turn will likely need the Engineer's talents with all manner of machinery.


Engineers are expert melee combatants and possess high health, second only to the Fighter, which allows them to keep fighting even when swarmed, making them excellent front-line defenders. They should be placed in the way of any incoming zombies, drawing their attention away from the rest of the survivors.

Their relatively low Ranged Combat skill prevents them from providing fire support effectively, reducing their versatility. However, improvised ranged weapons use the Engineer's much higher Improvised Combat skill as well, allowing them to work from a distance.

They are also the best at disarming traps, which can be quite deadly if triggered. Combined with a Recon to detect the traps, Engineer support will be essential during raids.

They work best in conjunction with Medics, who can keep their health topped up in-between zombie assaults while the Engineer protects them.

Engineers are also required to craft higher end weapons and gear, as well as certain components. They will need to be at the same level or higher.

Recommended EquipmentEdit


  • Melee weapons in general, since the Engineer is quite durable and has a very high Melee Combat skill, making it less likely that they'll be overwhelmed by the hordes.
  • Improvised weapons in general, due to the Engineer's high Improvised Combat skill and the specialization bonus to damage and accuracy.


  • Shoes will allow them to approach enemies more quickly, which is useful since most of their specialized weapons are short ranged.
  • Vests make them even more durable, which is useful if they're using a melee weapon, disarming an explosive trap, or facing human raiders equipped with high-powered firearms.


  • They appear to be wearing safety equipment and an improvised shoulder pad, explaining their increased health.
  • Engineers could be former employees of construction companies, since they wear safety equipment typically used on construction sites and have a marked proficiency with improvised (perhaps from their similarity with construction/demolition equipment) and melee (from their familiarity with harsh physical work) weapons.


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