Extra-Strong Medical Tape
Extra-Strong Medical Tape

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Medical item



The Extra-Strong Medical Tape is a medical item featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Extra-Strong adhesive medical tape.


Bandages and gauze are commonly used materials for cleaning and covering wounds. However, their nature requires that they be non-adhesive in order to avoid further damaging the tissue, and this makes them difficult to keep on. Medical tape, also known as surgical tape, resolves this issue by initiating persistent pressure onto the bandage or gauze, pressing them onto the wound. In the event of hemorrhaging, pressure on the wound can help stop the bleeding. Foam or viscose medical tapes are thick, stretchy, and sometimes cushioned, and are designed to hold dressings in awkward areas of the body such as the bend of the knee. This kind of medical tape must be cut with scissors due to its nature. Some medical tapes are "breathable", allowing air to reach the skin.

Found in large medical facilities and issued to ERTs during disasters.

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