Fighter MF TLS-DZ
Class Info
Weapon Specialization Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns
Melee Weapons
Heavy weapons
Bonuses High Ranged Combat
Highest Improvised Combat
Highest Melee Combat
Highest Health
Penalties Slowest Movement Speed
Special Ability None

The Fighter is a class available for survivors in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced in Info File #1.


Fighters are your best choice for combat of all kinds. They're hardy and have proficiency with a wide range of weapons.

On the downside, they're slow moving and not good at much else.


Conflict is as old as life itself, and it should come as no surprise that some have gotten very good at it. These hardened survivors are some of the best at putting the undead back into their graves, which is indispensable to any survivor group in the harsh environment of the Dead Zone.

Possessing incredible grit and improvised suits of armor, any enemy would be hard pressed to bring them down, though the extra weight doesn't help with their running speed. They are also highly proficient with nearly every weapon imaginable, with a marked preference for heavy automatic firearms and all types of melee weapons, letting them dish out almost as much damage as they can withstand.

However, not every problem can be solved by fighting. These survivors' focus on it means they lack the additional abilities which could be just as necessary for surviving in the Dead Zone. Other survivors will be needed for that, and they in turn will likely need the Fighter's protection.


Fighters are the best at combat of all classes and should be used to protect the rest of the team from zombies. High health ensures that they can keep fighting even when swarmed, meaning they should be placed in the way of any incoming zombies to draw their attention away from the other survivors.

However, their low speed means they cannot reposition quickly, which could endanger faster but less durable survivors. Placing them in chokepoints or near zombie spawn points and equipping them with medium-long range and/or noisy weapons can counteract this to an extent.

They have great synergy with Medics, who can keep their health topped up in-between zombie assaults while the Fighter keeps them safe from harm.

Fighters are also required to craft higher-end weapons and gear. They will need to be at the same level or higher.

Recommended EquipmentEdit


  • Melee weapons in general, as the Fighter is durable enough to last a long time in melee combat.
  • Automatic weapons in general, as the Fighter's high Ranged Combat skill counteracts their relatively low accuracy, increasing efficiency.
  • Assault Rifles are highly versatile and effective in nearly every situation, which is further helped by the specialization bonus to damage and accuracy.
  • Light Machine Guns allow the Fighter to lay down heavy covering fire for extended periods of time, reducing the chance of a zombie slipping past. The specialization bonus to damage and accuracy also make them even more deadly.


  • Shoes will counteract their biggest weakness, allowing them to reposition more quickly.
  • Vests make them even more durable, which is useful if they're using a melee weapon or facing human raiders equipped with high-powered firearms.
  • Glasses allows them to fire automatic weapons with even more precision, and some variants increase their range, allowing them to be deadlier at a longer distance.


  • All fighters wear improvised body armor, including knee pads, shoulder pads, and a decorated chest plate, which explains both their increased health and decreased movement speed.
  • They carry a pouch at hip-thigh level, possibly to store ammunition.
  • It is possible that Fighters are former members of the UCPD, military or even HERC, since they are the best in combat of all the classes, possess badges on their chest plates that may indicate police/military service, and specialize in Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns, weapons normally only available to government organizations.


  • Info File #1
  • A female Fighter
  • A male Fighter
  • The description of the Fighter in the Training Center and Class Selection screen. (TLS:DZ)
  • Mug shots of a Fighter (TLS:DZ)