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Food Food is a character statistic in The Last Stand: Union City and a type of resource in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

Tlsuc food meter

In Run & Gun mode, the player is not required to consume food regularly. However, all food items can be used to recover small amounts of health in place of health-recovery items.

Survivor mode requires the player to eat food regularly or the player will receive a penalty to strength and endurance, depending on how hungry they are. If they are sufficiently hungry, an icon of a dinner plate will appear in the top bar. The penalty is temporary and is removed upon eating. Players will not die or collapse if they get too hungry, however.

In both modes, food is commonly found in containers and dropped by the undead. While most food items are light, excessive amounts can add unnecessary weight to the player. However, picking up too little food will negatively impact the player as well, as they may not have enough to heal up or remove the stat penalty.

See Category:Food and Drink for a list of food items.

Food levelsEdit

Level Percentage
V.Well Fed 88% - 100%
Well Fed 63% - 87%
Satisfied 38% - 62%
Hungry 13% - 37%
Starving 0% - 12%

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

In-game descriptionEdit

Everyone needs to eat. Increase your food supply by building vegetable gardens and food storage. You can also find food stuffs throughout the city.

Usage of foodEdit

Over a period of 24 hours, an amount of food (8p/survivor) is consumed. Storing excess food raises survivor morale, while not storing enough food will decrease it. Running out of food will cause morale to drop greatly, though survivors will not die of starvation. Storing and maintaining a sufficient supply of Food is also required to attract new survivors. The required amount can be checked by looking at the compound progress report. Its associated storage building is the Food Storage.

Food can be found throughout the Dead Zone, though the amount scavenged depends on the location being searched, with large supermarkets providing the largest amount. Vegetable gardens also produce a small amount of food every hour. It is also possible to trade fuel for Food at The Store.

Several achievements are associated with scavenging Food, namely Hungry, Nourished and Glutton.


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