Jack's barricade in Fort Tran

I assume this is where the chopper was supposed to be headed.
It’s been completely overrun, managed still to pull together some sandbags to put together a sturdy wall though.
Jack's diary

A map of Fort Tran

Fort Tran is an optional location in The Last Stand 2, very near to Union City. It is a military base that was completely overrun by the time Jack arrives. According to his diary entry, it is where the chopper from the ending of The Last Stand was headed before it crashed.

The most powerful weapons in the game can be found here, courtesy of the military, and has a large amount of zombies to use said weapons on. Here Shambling and Running zombies appear in large groups, but not many of the other types show up. There's only one stop left after this, and that's Union City.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fort Tran is possibly a play on the term FORTRAN, a computing/programming software developed by IBM in the 1950s.
  • It is unknown why there is an arrow with the name Glendale written above on the map, since that town is very far away from Fort Tran. It is possible that it is showing the route of the rescue chopper from the end of The Last Stand.
  • Oddly, despite the fact that the RPG is not used by the U.S. armed forces, a U.S. military base is the only place it can be found in The Last Stand 2. However, it may have been confiscated from an active warzone or a terrorist/guerrilla cell.
  • Curiously, Soldier Zombies do not appear very often, despite Fort Tran being a military base. According to TLS:DZ Story Timeline, most of its garrison were moved to other towns and only a few members were left in the base. This could be why the base was overrun in the first place.
  • The barricade is similar to the one built by Jack in The Last Stand.
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