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==Used for==
==Used for==
*[[Hand Grenades (TLS:DZ)|Pipe Bomb]]
* [[Gear]]
*[[Hand Grenades (TLS:DZ)|Improved Pipe Bomb]]
** [[Hand Grenades (TLS:DZ)|Hand Grenades]]
*** Improved Pipe Bomb
*** Pipe Bomb
==Recycling products==
==Recycling products==

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The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Fuse is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A length of fuse used to detonate explosives.


Action only occurs when there is something that initiates it. A fuse, or fuze, initiates controlled explosive functions. Fuses allow for a temporary delay in the detonation of explosives, which gives personnel and equipment time to move away from the site of explosion, or to ignite an object from a distance. A fuse is lit on one end, and the flames travel down the fuse to the site of detonation, where the remaining fuel is ignited. The simplest form of fuse is lightweight paper rolled up with gunpowder and then lighted, used by the Chinese in the 10th century for launching fireworks.

Used primarily by the military and miners, although homemade ones can be made with the right materials.

Used for

Recycling products

  • Cloth x 1

Obtained from


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