Not to be confused with the passive gear item.
For a server-generated list of gear items, see Category:Gear.

Gear is a category of items found in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Each survivor can only equip one Passive Gear and one type of Active Gear which does not exceed his/her own level per loadout. Multiple Active Gear items can be carried if they're the same type, limited by the Carry Limit of that Active Gear type. A Carrier Harness can increase this Carry Limit.

The effects of Gear are determined by its level and any conditions it may have. They are presented as a percentage and calculated as follows:

  • Every Gear item provides a base bonus, depending on its type, e.g. an Extended Mags item provides a bonus to Capacity. This bonus scales with the item's level.
  • Should the items have any conditions, any additional bonuses or penalties they provide are added to the base bonus, e.g. 'Damaged' prefix decreases Capacity by 2.5%, while 'Mid' increases Capacity by 5% instead. These additional bonuses and penalties do not scale with the item's level.

For further details, see User blog:Evil4Zerggin/Gear levels.

Much like weapons, the Quality of a Gear item is indicated by a color highlight to its inventory slot sprite, which is determined by a hidden quality rating possessed by all conditions.

All Gear items are recyclable and disposable. Gear can be crafted at the Gear Bench with Schematics, adequate components and Fuel, or upgraded using only Fuel. Gear can also be obtained through scavenging and completing certain tasks.