Glasses 2

Eye accessory (UC) / Passive Gear (DZ)


0.1 lbs


None (UC) / Reading, Polarized, Protective, Sun, Shooting, Clear, Quality, Cracked, Damaged, Broken (DZ)


Cosmetic only (UC) / Increases Effective Range by percentage, dependent on Glasses level + Conditions (DZ)



Glasses are a type of eyewear featured in The Last Stand: Union City and a type of passive gear featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit


A pair of reading glasses.


Glasses have been utilized to correct one's vision when their eyes become blurry at certain distances. They are also used to read very small letters with ease.

How to obtainEdit

Many pairs of glasses can be found in suburban homes, but some can still be found in the city. A high Luck and Searching skill can assist in finding one.


There are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay. They do not increase the precision of firing a weapon. Wearing it is just a matter of personal preference.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

Glasses are a type of passive gear which provides benefits to the survivor that equips them.


Frames carrying lenses designed to aid the wearers vision.


When aiming through the sights of your firearm, being able to see the target clearly is essential to being able to hit them. These glasses make it easier for a survivor to see at greater distances by correcting vision and (on certain models) filtering out excess light.


Increases Effective Range by a percentage, depending on the Glasses' level.

Variants can also alter Accuracy by a percentage.

Recycling productsEdit

How to obtainEdit

Available conditionsEdit

  • Reading, which increases Accuracy by 2.5%.
  • Polarized, which increases Accuracy by 10%.
  • Protective, which increases Accuracy by 2.5%.
  • Sun, which increases Accuracy by 3.5%.
  • Shooting, which increases Accuracy by 12.5%.
  • Clear, which increases Accuracy by 5%.
  • Quality, which increases Accuracy by 1.5%.
  • Cracked, which decreases Accuracy by 1%.
  • Damaged, which decreases Accuracy by 2.5%.
  • Broken, which decreases Accuracy by 5%.


While useful to any class equipped with a projectile weapon, it is not quite as effective as other combat-focused gear. It is useless to survivors equipped with melee weapons, so different gear should be given to them.

It is best used in conjunction with medium to long range weapons, such as assault rifles. Glasses can be given to survivors with short range weapons like handguns to counteract the low range, but the boost effect is rather miniscule. Long rifles receive a very large bonus from glasses. However, their range is long enough and would not very useful to have. It should be mostly used when raiding, where the users will not be hit as often, as it can outrange enemies and deal high amounts of damage.

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