Glendale Hunter
Glendale Hunter

+4 to +7 (dependent on Smarts to Long Guns)


0.5 lbs

Glendale Hunter is a skill book featured in The Last Stand: Union City


Hunters weapons guide from the small town of Glendale.


Does the idea of hunting for game appeal to you, but you can't seem to hit anything accurately within a 20-meter radius? If so, Glendale Hunter is the book for you! A large book from a small town, you'll find tips and tricks used to make sure any animal goes extinct from cover to cover. The forest just got dangerous with this book in someone's hands. No duck or deer will look at you the same way again!

A common book, it can be found on any hunting goods store shelf.


It increases the Long Guns skill by a certain amount. Dependent on the Smarts skill.


  • The description says it's a hunter's guide from the small town of Glendale, implying that it is a popular hunting spot in the state.
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