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Add any glitches you may have found, be sure to include a brief description, area, level, or in-game date it was found, and what version of the game you found it in (last one only applies to The Last Stand: Union City). Also, if console commands may have something to do with the cause of the glitch, make sure to mention it. Don't include your glitch if cheats/hacks caused it.

The Last StandEdit

  • The guns don't fire sometimes if you shoot after the last zombie is killed or after the screen starts to fade black. This is on any day of the game. Also applies to after you are killed if you shoot just before the zombie(s) get you.
  • Jack can get stuck behind a box that is behind the barrier, meaning he can't move around and can only shoot in one direction. Rarely, he can become unstuck.
  • When firing a weapon then quickly switching to another multiple times, the ammo count will sometimes switch to that of the other weapon.
  • The Shotgun will still reload while the game is paused, just pause the game during the reload process.
Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 10.07.10 PM

It says Day 26, even though there are only 19 Days in the game.

  • There is an exploit (usable with all non-automatic weapons) that if you fire an automatic weapon and change to another weapon while firing, it will shoot with the same RoF as the automatic weapon you were using.
  • If you reload the shotgun's magazine completely from 0, you will have to left click again before you get to fire a round.
  • There is a rare glitch which may cause Jack to be killed behind the barricades, rendering him unable to shoot or move.
Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.57.22 PM

A screenshot of the aforementioned glitch. (TLS)

  • A very rare glitch may "lock" Jack in place, preventing him from being able to move or shoot.
  • There is a glitch where the days are inaccurate, and Day 19 could be Day 26.
  • On night 13, sometimes the level doesn't end when all zombies were killed, making the game impossible to complete.

The Last Stand 2Edit

  • When your barricade is broken and zombies are close to the edge of the screen, they might walk backwards in place and never touch you. This happens because the zombies always move closer to the right edge of the screen once the barricade is broken. They just move up or down to try to get you.
  • You can't go to Fort Tran unless you also have enough supplies to go to Union City.
  • When your barricade is broken, zombies will get to you, but if Jack is too close to the top of the screen and the zombies are a character length away from him, they seem as if they are moonwalking (walking backwards) to get to him. Moving down far enough fixes the glitch.
  • While a bit rare, it's possible that the player might find little to no supplies at all, leaving them stuck at the current place and unable to move out to the next place.
  • There is a glitch where the game may delete all weapons and traps in the inventory, leaving the player unable to continue the game.
  • The same exploit as in TLS1 (usable with all non-automatic weapons) is present. If you fire an automatic weapon and change to another weapon while firing, it will shoot with the same RoF as the automatic weapon you were using.
  • While somewhat rare, there is a glitch where you are unable to move Jack at all.
  • There's a glitch where you have enough supplies to move, but the game does not give you an option to do so.
  • If you press the spacebar right after you start a night (basically as soon as you press the start night button), the secondary weapon will have the ammo capacity of the primary weapon (e.g. if the player selects the Chainsaw as their primary weapon, and the RPG as their secondary weapon, the RPG will have an ammo capacity of 50 when the glitch is executed, mirroring the Chainsaw's ammo capacity of 50). It will default back to the normal ammo capacity if you reload or switch weapons.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

  • Only basic zombies spawn with minimal health, kill the player in one hit regardless of health and damage resistance, and for the most part, ignore the player but will move toward the player for a very short distance and either stop or move in place. First noticed a while before day 666 on first character (level 50 now), on the second character, the console command was used to level up, and the same glitch at around level 30+. Found in Alpha v0.99.
  • Sometimes when you enter another room during a zombie horde attack, they may drop in the next room instead, with their "landing" animation, but with no hole in the ceiling. Found in Alpha v0.99.
    • Also, zombies can fall from the roof randomly without the horde music playing and without a hole. Found in a hacked final version.
  • Very rarely, you cannot revive companions. Saving and exiting, then resuming the game should make your companion alive again. Found in Kongregate version of final game.
  • The blue baseball cap appears as a transparent blue when worn by the player's character, but solid blue when on the ground and when seen on Hank.
  • Rarely, the player's character appears as blue, green, orange, red and pink when entering or exiting rooms. This is only temporary if you don't leave a room, and it the color goes back to normal immediately if you leave a room or area outside. Found in all versions.
Zombies unionpark

Glitch where zombies spawn in Union Park. (TLS:UC)


The "colorful character" glitch. (TLS:UC)

  • If you are killed by the HERC soldiers or the zombie hordes during the final sequence on Union Island, when you click 'restart here', there will be no zombies chasing you. However, regular zombie hordes will still appear. If you travel to the location where the boat is, unless you have already been there and died, the final continuous horde will still attack.
  • Sometimes when you enter a room with many containers, the game may glitch and all the containers say "undefined" and you cannot move on but you can try to go to the last area. However, instead of going to the last area, it will load the normal version of the same area. Zombies have never been encountered here.
Stuck zombie sdw

A zombie stuck in an "inescapable place." (TLS:UC)

  • An extremely rare glitch may happen when using Adobe Flash Player 10, which was encountered only once in King-o-Pawn with a companion and his shotgun. King starts rolling all NPC animations (including zombies), while the shotgun rolls every single weapon animation, including melee weapons. The companion freezes during this time.
  • At the first visit to U-Con Bank in Newtown, there will be zombies behind the bars on the right side of the screen that you can't reach. The zombies will walk in place and when they attack, the attacks might hit your character. The zombies can be killed using the shotgun or any explosive weapon.
    • In addition, your companion may go to attack them and get stuck in the counter. Fix this by going outside and going back in.
  • Similar to the glitch before, zombies may spawn in places that they cannot move out of, explicitly the fire at the end of Newtown. They can't be shot, but can only be killed by explosives.
Hands-heavy glitch

A glitched "Hands - Heavy" item. (TLS:UC)

  • Giving single-shot weapons like the RPG to your companion and then taking it back will give you the appropriate ammo type for that weapon.
  • Another glitch with the RPG works similarly to the shotgun in The Last Stand 1. If the player fires it and quickly pauses the game, the RPG will reload as normal, and can be fired again once unpaused.
  • If you kill a HERC scientist or trooper with a M79 Grenade Launcher, then enter another room/area, then go back to the room/area where you killed them, they will respawn and fire at the player.
  • Occasionally, if you enter a safehouse during a zombie horde attack, zombies will spawn in the safehouse.
  • There is a glitched Hands - Heavy item that may be obtained whilst experimenting with game commands in Alpha v0.99.
WTF kelly.

Invisible grenade glitch.

  • There is a glitch in the subway tunnel, where the character is on the left side of the map but the camera is on the right. Fix this by pressing either right or left until your character comes back into view.
  • There is a common glitch where Shawn and Jane don't appear at the wall blocking the bridge to Union Island; only Jack and Dana show up.
  • There is a glitched item named "undefined" that will either grant infinite inventory capacity, or resemble an item with infinite weight, preventing the player from moving until it is thrown away.
  • There is a glitch in a hacked version of the game where equipped hand grenades were transparent on the player and the companion Kelly, giving the appearance that the characters were giving the "finger". However, the grenades could still be thrown.
  • Sleeping zombies can stand up and lie down quickly when a room is loading.
Tlsuc glitch floating zombies

The "floating zombie" glitch.

  • When using an explosive weapon on a companion, they may appear to "die" from the explosion. However, if the player enters another room, the companion will be alive again. This can be used to "save" a companion that has been swarmed by zombies.
    • Using explosives on a companion that has fallen will kill them outright.
  • In the Waterside military base, the lockpicking mini-game will appear for the gun cage even if the key is used to unlock it. The game will not be paused while the mini-game and gun cage is open, leaving the player vulnerable to zombie attacks.
  • v1.31 Barry Wilmot will sometimes not register the completion of the quest to meet him at the park, and whilst at the park will still request that you meet him at the park.
  • If the player kills an airborne zombie, the zombie's body will "hover" in place.
  • If you give a weapon to your companion then refresh the page,he will have that weapon in his hands but the weapon you gave him/her will remain in your inventory,so basically you have a glitch that multiplies guns.After you accomplish this glitch the weapon you gave your companion will be added to your inventory again.You can repeat this glitch as many times as you wish and have multiple of the same weapons in your inventory.
  • Crawler zombies, the companion, or the spouse sometimes will not play their moving animation, and will appear to "glide" across the floor.
  • Sometimes, zombies will get stuck while climbing over a ledge.
  • When you pause or go to the inventory while your companion/Bethany/Matthew is running, the running footsteps can still be heard.
  • When you pause the game while your companion is running, he/she will be seen and heard running in place indefinitely.
  • Rarely, if you zoom in using the browser's zoom, the screen will go yellow. Only the foreground objects can be seen. This usually happens outdoors, and it will not happen if the player is indoors. Found on Google Chrome.
  • If a zombie grabs the player and the companion kills the zombie, the player may occasionally get stuck momentarily.
  • If the player is carrying both a long firearm and a short firearm, the muzzle flash will sometimes appear further away from the front of the barrel. This occurs most frequently with the MP5 and the M4A1, and usually after rapidly switching weapons. Entering another area will clear the glitch.
  • Sometimes, when zombies are close to a ledge, they will repeatedly do their landing animation despite not having dropped down from the ledge yet.
  • Sometimes, zombies will remain standing upright after being killed.
  • Rarely, the player is able to move, but is unable to fire their weapon or interact with objects in any way.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

Glitches and bugs in The Last Stand: Dead Zone should be posted on the official forum instead, but check whether your glitch/bug/problem has already been posted there by using the searchbar in the top right.

Include the game version (e.g. 1.075 build 342) and all relevant details when reporting them.

Common FixesEdit

  • Clear your cache (click here to find out how) and refresh the game.
  • Ensure you do not have any download managers running, they may interrupt loading game files.
  • If the game is not loading at all, changing your DNS address may resolve the issue (see here for details - changing it to Google's DNS is recommended).

Common IssuesEdit

  • Buildings may not appear visually and cannot be selected, but are still present. Clearing your cache and refreshing the game should fix it.
  • Survivors appearing as a box of some sort. Clearing your cache and refreshing the game should fix it.
  • On Street missions, craters may entrap survivors with no way out. The survivor is still able to shoot but can't move at all.
  • Security level will not increase after being raided.
  • Survivors are unable to move to a selected position, and can only move to scavenge items. Refreshing the game usually fixes this.
  • When crafting ammo, sometimes the amount you craft will double and add to your ammo count, however when you refresh the game, it goes back to the normal amount. If you try to use the extra ammo, the game will crash.
  • On missions, invisible zombies may appear, with only their heads visible. These zombies can still deal damage, although survivors can still automatically attack them.
  • A rare glitch that appeared after the February 2017 Alliance War Task Update allows a weapon to be "cloned", permitting two survivors to use the same weapon, if the player attempts to give a survivor a weapon that's already been equipped by someone else. This can be fixed by reloading the page.
  • Occasionally, if a survivor is killed while being suppressed, they will stand up and appear to be alive; however, they cannot be interacted with in any way.